Saturday, May 30, 2009

Little shop of goodies

It all started from my mom, who always dreamed of starting her own shop... There's a tiny entrepreneur inside of me too, that has endless ideas of making something of her own, but never the guts to do it. Until now.

Mom and I decided to try having our own coffee-kiosk in Sweden for one week, when I go visit her and her husband at their summer cottage there. The house is by a cute little road, where people go biking alot, and the garage has a perfect window to the road, that can work as the counter. We're gonna bake some cinnamon rolls (korvapuustit in Finnish/örfil in Swedish) and make coffee and juice. That's all. If no-one comes, then we'll eat them by ourselves. (Not a bad scenario either.) So the businessplan is done, and our strategy is solid.

Well, I'm too eager to wait until then, so I'm gonna try it out this Monday in Berlin, when people are out in the Karneval der Kulturen! You can see foreigners selling their local delicacies in the corners of fleamarkets on Sundays, so of course I have to try it too. Also the whole unemployment situation in Berlin is pushing me to take charge!

How much do you think I could ask for these darlings?

I bought some ingredients alredy, and this is what's coming up:
* Banana-chocolate-cup cakes
* Cinnamon rolls
* Soft rice pasties (Kukkoset in Finnish. These are something my grandma taught me to make: a kind of bun with nice buttery rice porridge on top. They are easier to make from non-Finnish ingredients, than their cousins Karelian pasties, 'karjalanpiirakat', that are more famous & no Finn can live without)
* Juice

As a creative girl I also have a plan on how my stand is going to be! Sam's ironing board will by the table (how clever is that?!), and Rene will help me carry all the stuff in a cooler to Kreuzberg, where the Carneval is taking place. If the cops come checking if I have a permission, my delicious muffins ought to shut them up. If not, then I'll pack my things and eat them at home...

My helpful sister provided me with some Finnish flags and my good old Marimekko-table cloth is representing my homeland as well.
All set!


Señor Karpo said...

At first I read the sign to say "traditional freaks from finland"

But, what a nice idea! Be sure to inform me where exactly are you going to sell those.

avara maiju said...

hee! I was planning to! I'll be in touch on Monday, dear customer. -untraditional freak

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for my self for not having seen all that live! And I love you for your freaky ideas!

avara maiju said...

I love you too, although I'm only pretty sure I know who you are.