Thursday, May 21, 2009

Turn-ons: Window shopping in P-berg

I went for a spin in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin, looking for my friend's new shop... and I found some other inspirational sights aswell. As an unemployed wannabe I just had to settle for window-shopping, but I had a really good feeling about these places, and I may have made some good contacts aswell. In the end of the day I even got an invitation to go do a test-day at a possible summer job. :) But more of that later...

For all Berlin-goers the area of Kastanienallee and U-Bahnhof Eberswalderstrasse is a funky must-see with its huge amount of creative shops and people, but also going to the other direction on Danziger Strasse might be interesting. It's not so aware of its "coolness", it's more down-to-earth and there are still some really cool small designer shops and cafés. Some of the most gorgeous breakfast places and terraces are in the opening on Kollwitzplatz.

Danziger Strasse and its side streets:

I'm proud to present: Ina's cool and cute shop - pushGalerie, Kollwitzstrasse

One of my favorite items in pushGalerie, the seatbelt-bag I keep dreaming of.

Scandinavian Objects, they had some cool Finnish stuff that my mom has had in our house forever! Corner of Rykerstrasse/Danziger Strasse.

With Lena and Lise in one of the breakfast places in Kollwitzplatz (am Wasserturm).

The cafés serve breakfast and brunch till late in the afternoon, and it's usually very inexpensive and good. Portions of cheese/continental brekkies are like 5 euros and the brunch buffet's are from 8 to 10 euros. So basically coming back from a club late in the morning you can just wonder into a terrace, have some brunch, chill there all day eating and afterwards just crawl back home into bed. Love it!

Area of Kastanienallee and Eberswalder Strasse:

Too bad I own like a million hundred suitcases... I would've wanted to identify myself as an American Tourister with this cutie.

The best food on Kastanienallee is in Babel. A huge plate of Mediterranean delicacies (hummus, falafels, schawarma...) for 7 Euros - this you should share with a friend.

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