Saturday, May 23, 2009

brain freeze

I just got home from another pretty long and winding day of trying to impress new people to hire me... apparently job interviews aren't a big hit in Germany, the fashionable thing to do is to have people working for you for free and to see who lasts the longest. Well, I have to say it's actually a pretty good way also for me to see what the atmosphere is and how things feel, because I've now been to 2 places, and they were totally different. The shop I went to today was way nicer than the previous one, the people were really sweet and welcoming to me (whereas in the previous one some of them were vicious - thinking back, that must've been the reason I felt like a 14-year old yesterday, because I got treated like one). I really hope I get it, now I just need to wait til Monday to see who they choose, keep your fingers crossed!

The dress is an oldie from Carlings, the milk shake is from a censored source.

My old Kowalskis still keep me standing.

After my day was done, dispite a searing head-ache, I picked up a huge-ass chocolate milk shake and felt preatty good and free walking back home. I'll have the coolest trip to work, if I get that job... just check it out:

I get to walk under a bridge: (As a kid in Vääksy that was the coolest thing ever.)

I get to cross another bridge, and a river:

I get to see bears:

I mean ACTUAL BEARS, dudes!!!

I get to see tweety-freak's car with its tweety-collection:

PS. Boyfriend is also working tonight is his friend's bar, fingers crossed that one of us get's a job!!

PS 2. You really need to excuse me for lately writing about nothing more than my simple little life.. I've been reading too much Erlend Loe I think, he's my favorite Norwegian person (and I love Norwegians, they're just so down-to-earth, strange and funny, just like Finns, but with a wicked accent). I'll come back to you soon with a kick-ass article about grandma-fashion, that I'm working on... :))) In the mean time, write ideas or comments right here, yall!!!!

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