Thursday, May 28, 2009

Theory of shopping

"I love lamp." -Brick Tamland.

I really don't call myself a heavy shopper. I own some nice clothes, and I love to combine them in weird ways, but compared to my colleagues and friends from the fashion school, I really don't buy new stuff very often. Maybe it's my recent new life as a blogger and growing fashion blog reader that has caused me to do some irrational findings lately. It also always happens when I've started an internship/job surrounded by clothes. I can't help creating all kinds of needs when I see them. (Maybe Maslow would have something to say about this.)

Conclusion: The best thing would be to stay out of shopping streets and malls! But my occupation kind of requires me to follow the scene you know...

Well you know these babies already, the scarf I got today. Outi was asking me about the shoes, they're from Bianco. So the Finnish readers can also go get them :)

(Not sure I wanna admit where this combo is from, but it was on sale, so you wouldn't find them anyways!)

Today I took Jessica who's visiting from Mexico out to see some shops, and I was the one carrying bags home. I keep reminding myself, my first salary will be coming in the end of June, and it won't be very big. So if you see me posting more about bargains that I've made, just hush hush...

Shirt: Oasis, necklace: Six, shoe: Bianco.

This lap-top-bag is a newbie from Marimekko's bag collection. I got it with the help of my amazing friends, who gathered me a voucher as a birthday/going away/winning a law suit against my evil land lady -present last year!! :) Thanks again, babies!

My spankin' fashion philosophy

Luckily I've always been a good bargain-finder, because I buy only few things, but focus on quality and uniqueness. When I lived in Helsinki, I mostly shopped when travelling, so I wouldn't see the stuff on everybody else back home. I don't like to be recognized of the H&M top that covers the billboards, I'd rather shop in fleamarkets and abroad. But, when I moved to Berlin, I finally tried shopping in Ginatricot, in Helsinki (as cheap and popular as H&M in Scandinavia), because I knew no-one would know their stuff here. Ha!

Earrings from We Are All Beautiful People, shades from the fleamarket in Mauer Park.

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