Monday, June 29, 2009

sugar on top

Why I love my new sunday-job
1. I get to see people happy.
2. I've so far met a new cool person each time, who I stay in contact with.
3. Everybody wins.

This time I was close to the Bergmannfest, on Mehringdamm.

The buns sold out in one hour! They were bigger and better than ever!

The good old savory snacks were there too.

And I met these sweet girls with a smile! Does anyone think that one of them looks Finnish? Well she is! Does anyone think she also looks ALOT like Jenna?

This is Jenna. Aren't they like two peas in a pie? I was almost like "Whatta hell are you doing here, girl???" but then I remembered I'm not a black woman and just said "Hi" instead.

Going back to the subject... This time there was also a "band". These guys came afterwards to beg me for cash and a free bun, and when they got surprized it wasn't sweet, they threw it in a bush. Thanks man! Ok, so not 'everybody' wins...

When all was sold out, we threw my shop into Ina's magically large Smart, and went...

...drinking... boyfriend's bar, where he served Ina and me some fine tuned coctails.

And his new colleague is apparently into garnishing the drinks big time.

Laundry of the day: Bellybutton-tee own design, scarf self made, jeans Cheap Monday, belt Pull 'n Bear.

I just realized I look just like Martin Axen from the Ark. The angle makes my upper body look bigger, the jaw, the hair... Oh man, I've always wanted to have his hair! Mind you, I also have the guy's body and jaw... :0 Just compare the pics.

Martin Axén, as you can probably guess, is the second dude from the left. Gotta love 'em! (Image source here.)

Friday, June 26, 2009


Ladies and Fellas. It's time for a decent fashion-post. For a woman who has an education on the subject of Fashion design, I'm writing way too little about it. I don't really feel comfortable having my picture taken each day just to show you guys what I'm wearing. Also I think it's totally uninteresting to share tips, if a pair of shoes I bought are uncomfortable or not. That is what fashion bloggers do anyhow, and apparently it IS indeed interesting! This is a scientific fact. So, if all the girls are doin' it, I gotta try it!

This one's about accessories. I own tons of them, and they're all hand picked and there's is no reason to throw them away ever. To be more precise, this one's about jewellery. There's not enough time for more yet...

Some bracelets on a bottle of Eastern-Finnish spirit. My sister's wedding pic's there too!

The bracelets are gathered from different markets in Berlin and Mexico, some are presents and some I've made myself. They all have a story :)

This one is a piece I made, after my Mexican mother-in-law, Amá, had gotten one from her friend. She took me to a shop to buy safety-pins and gems. Later, some of the pins opened up when I got drunk and danced with Jenna in Lostari, Helsinki. It was all a big hazard, but now I think it looks even cooler. :)

Earrings from Mexico.

Candy-earrings! The softies are from Who Killed Bambi (Eberswalder Strasse), the rest are from fleamarkets. The golden fuss is a gorgeous hair pin Ansu and Alsu brought me from their honeymoon in Iceland. Sweet!

Rings are my biggest weakness.

Lefty from an antique market in Plaza San Augustin, Monterrey, Mexico, righty from Accessorize, Denmark.

Lefty from a back-packing trip to London, righty 3 euros from a 'feria' somewhere in the south of Spain.

Oooh this one is my alltime fave, the kitchy viper! Apá (my father-in-law) thought it was a rat :)

In jewellery, I always go for cheap and fake. Seriously. I just don't care for brands, and to me it's more important that it's unique than expensive. I usually buy my rings from abroad and from flea- and antique markets.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to avoid cleaning, and play more 'Yahtzee!' instead

Living together

About a year ago me, Rene and Sam started talking about moving in together in Berlin, where we had originally met. This spring it finally came through, when, after a massive 3 month online-search and facebook-discussion from France through to Mexico, we found a home. Now we're two couples and a kitten living in a big 3-room apartment and sharing the living room, kitchen and bathroom. And we're Finnish, French and Mexican, all trying to learn German and accommodate our habits under one roof.

Sam 'n Jeoffrey being themselves.

Our arrangement has mostly been awesome. It's practical: We can lend each other potatoes, share the T.P., have someone else do the vacuum cleaning for 3 weeks in a row... Also it's fun: Sam makes us really great cookies and lets me scrape the pot, sometimes we have dinner together, and what's best: we have friends over all the time for a cosy cup of tea and a game of Yahtzee or alternatively to walk back home with from a weird night at the Kit Kat Club to hear Sabrina's Boys, Boys, Boys...

There's always company for getting ready for a night out...

...and there's always wine for an after-party.

Rene wearing Sam's grandma's robe, and fighting the demon cat.

Sure there are some bad sides too... I know you sneaky people wanna hear that. Just imagine wanting to do your make up in the bathroom, where 2 people have just taken a hot shower, the washing machine is on spin-drier and someone has just taken a dump. It's like the Berlin in a nutshell: a Turkish sauna that smells like the sewage on the streets and sounds like a weird trance-club. By the time you're done with the make up, it's running down your face. But life is what you make of it, guys!

Nevertheless, I wouldn't trade this to anything. As long as you love a little fuss and mess, and live with good friends who you can be totally open to, it's all good. Why I'm writing this now, is that I'm alone in the house for the 1st time in a long time. We had non-stop guests for over 2 weeks, and now everyone's gone. Even Sam and Jeoffrey left to France. I miss those restless evenings coming back from work watching Chucky 2 in German with the guys! I'm all alone with a craving for beer and someone to share it with...

Spinning the virtual hula-hoop is a benefit we totally got from our Nintendo Wii-owning roommates. Maybe I'll do it alone now.

Finnish recipes vol. 2

Asko didn't believe it, so here's the scientific proof. You can get S-cookies elsewhere than just in the stores in Finland.

S-Cookies (Äs-Keksit)

100 g butter
almost 2 dl sugar
2 eggs
3 tbs cream
5 dl flour

some sugar and cinnamon

Beat the soft butter with the sugar. Add and mix in all other ingredients one by one. Share the dough into about 6 or more pieces and let them cool in the fridge for a while. Roll the dough into finger-thick bars, then cut them into about 10 cm length (see picture). Roll each bar in the sugar-cinnamon-mixture and form into the letter S.

Bake in the oven in 180 degrees (Celsius), for 15 minutes. Eat with cold milk and curdle into the blanket on the sofa! This recipe makes a nice big bunch for the rest of the week.

home made tattoos and ice cream

I've been dreaming about a tattoo for far too long now... we'll see how long it takes to finally go get it. I've been sketching it, having my friends sketch it for me, I've even drawn it on myself once. It's not about chickening out really, it's just being damn lazy. Once you think it's done, the artist tells you that a colour has to be changed or something needs to be bigger. And then it's summer and you have to avoid the sun and sauna for two weeks... excuses.

On monday Svet, a friend of ours, went to get one in White Light, and we went with. That was inspiring. Maybe I'll go to the same artist, she was great and she gave her a shot of Jägermeister for the pain.
Svet asked me not to take her pic, so you can just see a tiny bit of the artist at work.

The idea for mine is just to remind me of simple things: food and sleep. I tend to gather all sorts of extra activities, experiences and fancy crap in my life, but those two things I seem to forget, and they alone would get me far in being happy. So I've been doodling some symbols and cartoons to stand for food and sleep. I want it to be multicoloured, preferably with blue and red, so they'd look like drawn with a ballpoint pen. Most likely I'll get mine in the forearm. Any objections? (Dad, I already now your opinion...)

For inspiration: Mira Luoti from PMMP. I like the multi-colour and composition too.

Some of my sketches from the last years:

Some pics I drew in my German notes...

Fork, jam in a jar, and sleepy cats.

Dentures refer to food. Also this would remind me to wear them when I get senile.

A blurry pic from years back, when I tried something on my arm.

I'm pretty sure I'll go with this one. The artist just adviced me to do the outlines with black and the peas with green. :) What do you think?

On the way, on Skalitzer Strasse, we found an authentic Italian ice cream-shoppe, where the guy makes it all by himself. Respect!

Jesus enjoying his Gelato.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cake-shop: 2nd edition

This sunday I put up my bakery during Féte de la musique, the European music day. I found a spot in Marheinekeplatz, Kreuzberg, next to a stage where they were playing some reggae and jazz. Not exactly my favorite music, but it brought lots of people there, and I sold out in 3 hours this time. Yeaaah baby! Also one factor may have been that I was next to a kids' playground, which brings many little customers who drag their mommies to buy some sweets. That, of course, is totally unethical. Eeek!

Andrea and Steffen came by! Moah!

Olivia was there too, and she liked the cinnamon rolls. :)))) Aaaaaw, I can't handle how cute she is.

This time I also made cinnamon cookies = 'S-keksit' in Finnish.

I had to have my share. Pullaa! Pullaa! Pullaa!


A guy who had rented a truck for 2,50 e / hr. Recourceful, and I felt, identifiable somehow. This is the kind of shit we do for a living in here.

Friends in Mauerpark.

It started raining, but that never really changes anything. Oh, I was wearing one of the scarves I made as the 'secret project' (more of that later), a dress I designed myself for my final collection in the university, an old sweat jacket from JC, and loafers from Adidas.

Sam and Ina gettin jiggy in the rain.

Kevin Bacon as 'the Hollow Man' was also there with his nega-version.

And so was Grace Kelly.