Monday, June 15, 2009

Great weekend to end a great week

Outi and Jukka left Sunday evening... :( We had such a great week, and the weekend just topped it off. Love those guys!

Saturday after I got out of work, they bought us some beers for the house, I put my feet on the table and we watched some Finnish comedy and old childrens song competitions in Youtube. There's nothing better that reminiscing your childhood with your landsmen, who know exactly where you're coming from and get the same jokes. Then, once we were drunk, we went out to Clärchens Ballhaus with my roommates.

Havin a break at work is the best time of the day... especially if it's sunny and I get to chill outside.

The view from my 'break spot'.

Sunday, we got up late and sat in Mauer Park listening to karaoke. This guy brings his sound system to the Amfi-theater in Mauer Park every Sunday. The singers are quite good and the audience is big. I might have to go give it a try sometime, cos' I love it and I have huge karaoke-withdrawals from Finland, where singing is a national sport...

Jukka's illustration in out guest-book.

Jukka, Outi, Outi's accessories and some jersey-scarves. lol! I'll miss those sweeties!

After I took my friends to the airport, my sister invited me to have pancakes ('lettuja') with her family. I just love going there.. I've been missing home a bit lately, and it's just so good to have some family close. My nephef, 6, showed me his collection of some Japanese little monster and alien dudes that are called "Gogons" or something (I don't always quite get what they're saying).

Anton's Gogons.

Then my niece, 4, came with a bigger bag, saying: "I have THIS many Totons!" and put them all on the table. She had gathered all her smallest puppets and pretended them to be the same monsters and mliens. I love her recourcefullness!

Olivia's "Gogons". :)

One of her Gogons was a Tupperware-bread-box-keychain!

These were some of the things that impressed me this weekend.

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Meri said...

hih hih hii arvasin, että Olivia Gogot päätyy tänne! Oot tervetullut aina!