Wednesday, June 24, 2009

home made tattoos and ice cream

I've been dreaming about a tattoo for far too long now... we'll see how long it takes to finally go get it. I've been sketching it, having my friends sketch it for me, I've even drawn it on myself once. It's not about chickening out really, it's just being damn lazy. Once you think it's done, the artist tells you that a colour has to be changed or something needs to be bigger. And then it's summer and you have to avoid the sun and sauna for two weeks... excuses.

On monday Svet, a friend of ours, went to get one in White Light, and we went with. That was inspiring. Maybe I'll go to the same artist, she was great and she gave her a shot of Jägermeister for the pain.
Svet asked me not to take her pic, so you can just see a tiny bit of the artist at work.

The idea for mine is just to remind me of simple things: food and sleep. I tend to gather all sorts of extra activities, experiences and fancy crap in my life, but those two things I seem to forget, and they alone would get me far in being happy. So I've been doodling some symbols and cartoons to stand for food and sleep. I want it to be multicoloured, preferably with blue and red, so they'd look like drawn with a ballpoint pen. Most likely I'll get mine in the forearm. Any objections? (Dad, I already now your opinion...)

For inspiration: Mira Luoti from PMMP. I like the multi-colour and composition too.

Some of my sketches from the last years:

Some pics I drew in my German notes...

Fork, jam in a jar, and sleepy cats.

Dentures refer to food. Also this would remind me to wear them when I get senile.

A blurry pic from years back, when I tried something on my arm.

I'm pretty sure I'll go with this one. The artist just adviced me to do the outlines with black and the peas with green. :) What do you think?

On the way, on Skalitzer Strasse, we found an authentic Italian ice cream-shoppe, where the guy makes it all by himself. Respect!

Jesus enjoying his Gelato.


jukka said...

As a reference:Äänestä+rumin+tatuointi/1135246723727

avara maiju said...

Hahaha, cool! "Vote for the ugliest tattoo." The problem is though, that to me ugly is way cooler than something that's just plain useless and not pretty. Ugly things make you feel. Most people of course voted for "Wanna fuck?" or the ogre-face, but at least those tats have a story behind them and they probably make people laugh. I voted for the square. I would say the badly drawn square is in no way esthetic and must be the most confusing thing to have in your skin forever.

Thanks for letting me open up about this. :)