Sunday, June 07, 2009

A rainy but happy Sunday

So, my darling friends Jukka and Outi are now here, and I have 5 free days to spend with them! As a co-blogger and fashion-freak times 10, I know Outi will want to check out all the shops and flea-markets. As a co-beer-lover, Jukka will most likely appreciate the German brews and terraces where to drink them (if the weather allows). That's what I will most likely be posting about this week then!

The tourists.

Today we started off in the good old Mauer Park. That was pretty much enough for one day, because it took us chicks like 30 minutes at every counter. The guys, of course, got fed up quite fast, Rene bought a sign that said 10 reasons why a beer is better than a woman, and they wen't to drink some in one of the 'biergartens'. After a succesful shopping spree, we sat down on Oderbergerstrasse for a delicious dinner in a Turkish restaurant and some coffee in Kauf Dich Glücklich.

There's only one guy that sells fabric in Mauer Park, but he has so much goodies!!

Here's where Outi bought 3 cool shades. Brillovsky is always around, and soon also opening a net store... So maybe she can add to her collection then later on from Finland!

My favorites were the blue specs she found. The Clark Kent-ones aren't bad either. <3

Oh, all that shopping was too tough to handle without swinging in the oasis with a 1,50 € Beck's in my armpit for a while.

In Kling, Oderberger Strasse.

Some waffles in Kauf dich Glücklich, Oderbergerstrasse.

Outi taking pics of her new findings for her blog.

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