Friday, June 26, 2009


Ladies and Fellas. It's time for a decent fashion-post. For a woman who has an education on the subject of Fashion design, I'm writing way too little about it. I don't really feel comfortable having my picture taken each day just to show you guys what I'm wearing. Also I think it's totally uninteresting to share tips, if a pair of shoes I bought are uncomfortable or not. That is what fashion bloggers do anyhow, and apparently it IS indeed interesting! This is a scientific fact. So, if all the girls are doin' it, I gotta try it!

This one's about accessories. I own tons of them, and they're all hand picked and there's is no reason to throw them away ever. To be more precise, this one's about jewellery. There's not enough time for more yet...

Some bracelets on a bottle of Eastern-Finnish spirit. My sister's wedding pic's there too!

The bracelets are gathered from different markets in Berlin and Mexico, some are presents and some I've made myself. They all have a story :)

This one is a piece I made, after my Mexican mother-in-law, Amá, had gotten one from her friend. She took me to a shop to buy safety-pins and gems. Later, some of the pins opened up when I got drunk and danced with Jenna in Lostari, Helsinki. It was all a big hazard, but now I think it looks even cooler. :)

Earrings from Mexico.

Candy-earrings! The softies are from Who Killed Bambi (Eberswalder Strasse), the rest are from fleamarkets. The golden fuss is a gorgeous hair pin Ansu and Alsu brought me from their honeymoon in Iceland. Sweet!

Rings are my biggest weakness.

Lefty from an antique market in Plaza San Augustin, Monterrey, Mexico, righty from Accessorize, Denmark.

Lefty from a back-packing trip to London, righty 3 euros from a 'feria' somewhere in the south of Spain.

Oooh this one is my alltime fave, the kitchy viper! Apá (my father-in-law) thought it was a rat :)

In jewellery, I always go for cheap and fake. Seriously. I just don't care for brands, and to me it's more important that it's unique than expensive. I usually buy my rings from abroad and from flea- and antique markets.


Anonymous said...

Mitä tulee hakaneularannekoruun: Ehdoton parannus edelliseen! Hyvä että runnottiin toisiamme Lostarissa. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes! Well dear you have some serious old school musical cinnamonrolls on your blog I'd say.
"Polly wants a cracker..."lalala, f**king "Eaaaaaasy", Aerosmith for crying out loud and yummy "the world is a vampire....dummdumm" - even Barry Manilow next to flipping Rage against the machine. Greatest shit.
Was actually starting this comment to tell you how much I envy the snake ring - always been looking for a bracelet like this. Got carried away by the music.
Well, tata for now :P

avara maiju said...

hahahaha you seem to have listened to all the songs ;) glad u like my confusingly inconsequent music taste! unfortunately i also had some criticism of the autoplay function, so i moved the whole thing down to the bottom of the page (so u need to scroll down to start it).

tata my dear! you're just marvellous!