Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Working Girl

I'm only working in the shop part-time at first, which is of course great in the summer, 'cos you have time to hang. For a humble girl like me in a cheep-ass city like Berlin it's not even a finacial impossibility. But, it would be nice to not only survive, but also to enjoy some small luxuries once in a while. This is why I'm trying to think of all kinds of ways to make some extra cash... But there's something just great about being broke in Berlin, like my loveable Canadian friend Lena said it (whom I hope to have back here some day soon).

Taking life as it comes is quite easy, with the right attitude. The two small old guys sitting in the corner of the asylum house were wishing us a good day as we passed by.

One of my "side jobs" is freelance writing for a Finnish newspaper. Today I interviewed Annika Rendell, a Finnish fashion designer and the founder of an adorable and really succesful children's label in Germany called Finkid. We had a really interesting discussion about her experiences of her Finnish roots and how she likes to bring them out in her collections. The article will be published in Etelä-Suomen Sanomat during the summer.

Annika's wall of ideas from Finnish items.

Later I went to take care of some bureucracy at work, and luckily got some extra shifts for the rest of the week! That was just perfect and well in time before my two cute friends, Outi and Jukka are coming from Finland for a weeks visit. Then I'll be enjoying my pennyless but oh-so-free days with them going around parks, fleamarkets, terracces and other necessary summer thingies! :) I'll be posting about that next week.

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