Monday, June 01, 2009

Traditional Freaks from Finland* really did look like my sign said so

My day at the Carneval went just friggin great. Dispite the forecasts, the sun was shining all afternoon, and I sold all my Finnish goodies to smiley people!

I had woken up early to bake fresh cinnamon rolls and rice pasties. Then we brought all the stuff to Mehringdamm, Kreuzberg, next to the station, where a band was playing and people stopped to listen. Next to them was a good place to put my stand. During the day I met some great people, Finland fans, Finnish Berliners, a Norwegian speaking French guy (?)... I also heard some interesting new bands (Gods on Vacation was one), made some money and got a tan as well! Not bad at all.

This is what you get when you put a baking patriot in a city where everything is just so easy!

Call me crazy.

The look.

My leather-pants-wearing neighbours.

Gods on Vacation brought some rock for the folks. It made me miss going to Finland later this summer, there are loads of music events and people partying on the streets.

I wasn't the only 'entrepreneur' on site.

Suddenly it was all gone in people's bellies!

We ended up in Rene's new work place with friends and my stand and the whole gear...

And the guys helped us to carry the stuff back. :) End of story!

PS. Recipes coming up later... too tired to think of those buns anymore for today...zzZz gnite guys!

*) a comment made of the previous post, it actually said Traditional Treats from Finland.


Anonymous said...

HyväHyväHyvä!!!! Go girl go!:D
Abrazos y besos de jkl...;)

Anonymous said...

Ja lippu liehui ja väiski oli päässä!

avara maiju said...

no todelLAKI!! Hyvä Suomi Perkele! muchas gracias & kiitti sikana kommenteist Jyskylän ja Vääksyn hengenheimolaiset :)))