Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little pieces of home & big chunks of Turkey

Our quest to cover the best places to shop (and drop for a relaxing pint) in Berlin continues. Here's what my companions brought me from back home: Fazer's chocolate and salty liquorice ('salmiakki'). They're my fuel!

Anyone who brings me more of this stuff gets to go places too!

Yesterday we found some inspiration in the good old shops of Hackescher Markt. A new aquaintance for me was the Boss Shop, that looks amazing from the inside. It really is a work of art, check it out, even if Boss is not your thing. The fitting rooms were all designed by a different theme. Love those kind of things!!

Fitting room 1. Living room. The Boss Shop, Münzstrasse.

Fitting room 2. Green room. The Boss Shop, Münzstrasse.

Today we spent like 4 hours fishing for fabrics in the Turkish market on Maybachufer. In addition to having loads of fresh food and small turkish grandmas, it's a huge treasure chest for any designer/seamstress, full of loudly yelling guys selling cheap and inspiring fabrics. It's open each Tuesday and Friday. It was raining like hell, but the atmosphere was great as usual.

Outi and the ladies crazy for fabrics. We only found like our 20 favorite colors of jerseys!

I also found some gorgeous rings I couldn't keep my hands off, because they reminded me of the North... don't you think?

My obligation as a good host of course was, again, to take my friend to some cool shops. Outi is my old classmate from fashion school, and it really has been a pleasure to go out with such an enthusiastic fashionista. Our shopping montages take hours, and just getting to see all that funky stuff makes me happy, so I can proudly say I haven't spent much money. (Knock on wood.)

California Selected (on Alte Schönhauser Strasse) is by far the coolest second hand shop I know. It looks exactly like the only womens wear shop in Vääksy in my 80's-childhood that was probably the first thing that made me wanna become a designer.

Outi found this designer-piece in Oderbergerstrasse.

That creation is such a childhood fantasy, and I would totally wear it with the army-rubber boots if I had just fit into it... buaah...

And meanwhile down the street: the boys we're "getting to know some culture" by treating themselves for 'Berliner Weisse'.


Here are the smokin hot fabrics we picked up at the market. We're gonna be makin some luvvy accessories these days that would cost us like 10 times more in the stores. If you're nice, you'll see some After-pics later. Excited!!!

Some Candy... (and we also bought the cucumber at the market).

Can you believe you get these heavenly creatures for 2 euros??

Cookies, Cream, Strawberry AND Cheesecake!!

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