Monday, June 22, 2009


My weekend was full of program, so I'm only posting first now... So, as I sadly have told you, I couldn't be in Finland for Midsummer this year. But luckily, our wannabe "juhannus-party" at Heiligensee, Berlin was pretty cool, meeting some co-people with the same jokes and the same appreciation for bonfires, tango and competitions where you throw things as far as possible. Let the pictures speak for themselves!

These are the real things, the Karelian pasties, that I keep talkin about. Somebody had grated the flour themselves, I thought that was pretty awesome.

Cinnamon rolls, Mocca-pies, coffeecakes, cookies, apple pie... guess where I was located all evening.


Ladies at their best: in national costumes and with a beer.

I could somewhat identify myself to these chicks, who were selling self-made goodies. They even invited me to their Student-community (wohoo!), although I gratuated a year ago. :) But I'm still equally poor and I totally lead the lifestyle (which is actually quite alarming).

Olivia & kukkaseppele ('flower garland')

Mölkky (throwing a wooden block on some wooden blocks). Good fun!

Little guy playing mölkky.

Germans trying to make a bonfire. Even little girls were like "that's nothing but a camp fire" (the difference in enormous, as you will see)...

...Until the Finns had to interfear, and we had a small but decent bonfire.

Some home made Salmari (Salmiakkikossu). It's a mixture of booze (vodka style) and salty liquorice. The proportion is like 99% booze, 1% candy. It still tastes like pure candy. Most foreigners hate it, and I do too, exactly because foreigners pass theirs on to me, "cos' you're Finnish" and that never ends up well. The flavour brings horrible flash backs and most of my friends can back me up on this. You know who you are. ;)


Meri said...

Kiitos, kun et laittanut sitä kuvaa musta ja kukkaseppeleestä!

Meri said...

By the way, Avara Maiju on nyt mun aloitussivu :)

avara maiju said...

heee thanx ja ole hyvä muru

Anonymous said...

Mun työpäivät vaan paranee aina kun luen näitä sun juttuja. Teillähän oli hyvän näköiset juhannuskemut...ja eirityisesti noi teen pöperöt näytti huikeilta!

avara maiju said...

no, ei mikää kyl voita niit viime kesän jusseja. katoin ihan kadena niit teiän kuvii. :((( joudutaan ottaa uusiks viel tänä kesänä! kiva, et muru tykkäät! kiitti kannustuksesta.

hugs for all commentors <3