Monday, June 22, 2009

Cake-shop: 2nd edition

This sunday I put up my bakery during Féte de la musique, the European music day. I found a spot in Marheinekeplatz, Kreuzberg, next to a stage where they were playing some reggae and jazz. Not exactly my favorite music, but it brought lots of people there, and I sold out in 3 hours this time. Yeaaah baby! Also one factor may have been that I was next to a kids' playground, which brings many little customers who drag their mommies to buy some sweets. That, of course, is totally unethical. Eeek!

Andrea and Steffen came by! Moah!

Olivia was there too, and she liked the cinnamon rolls. :)))) Aaaaaw, I can't handle how cute she is.

This time I also made cinnamon cookies = 'S-keksit' in Finnish.

I had to have my share. Pullaa! Pullaa! Pullaa!


A guy who had rented a truck for 2,50 e / hr. Recourceful, and I felt, identifiable somehow. This is the kind of shit we do for a living in here.

Friends in Mauerpark.

It started raining, but that never really changes anything. Oh, I was wearing one of the scarves I made as the 'secret project' (more of that later), a dress I designed myself for my final collection in the university, an old sweat jacket from JC, and loafers from Adidas.

Sam and Ina gettin jiggy in the rain.

Kevin Bacon as 'the Hollow Man' was also there with his nega-version.

And so was Grace Kelly.


Asko said...

Jaari! Ei KUKAAN osaa tehä S-keksei ite; nehän ostetaa kaupasta! I want to see it!:D

avara maiju said...

behold, and that you shall see!

Ansu said...

Aijai, lapsityövoimaa ja lapsiin kohdistuvaa markkinointia!8)
Näyttää kyllä epäilyttävästi siltä että jonkin verran ikävöit Suomeen... Suomikin ikävöi sua!:)

avara maiju said...

no lapsi'työvoimasta' en tiiä, Anton markkinoi pullia syömällä niitä, mut muuten mä olin kyl ihan ainoo työvoima ja periaattees ihan aikuinenkin kai. :) Koti-ikävä kyl vaan kasvaa. Ihanaa tulla koht sinne! Pusut kommentaattorille <3

Anonymous said...

Olivia is so cute! Love L.

avara maiju said...

L: I know! I saw her first! Can I keep her?