Friday, May 15, 2009

Mexican dinner turned into breakfast

Yesterday me and Andrea went to check out a Mexican food store I'd heard of in Berlin. That inspired us to have a decent meal of home-made tacos with meat, frijoles (bean curd) and the whole deal.

We made the tortillas ourselves, and it was such a profound amount that there were enough for a Mexican breakfast aswell! Basically the Mexican diet revolves around tortillas, cheese, meat and salsa, on all meals of the day. (You should not confuse it with the American tex-mex junk they sell everywhere, that mixes white rice, salad and kidney beans into everything. No, no, stay clear of the veggies, it's all meat and cheese for our sombrero-wearing buddies. BTW my boyfriend's through with his vegetarian phase by now aswell.)

Maybe I'll share you my mother-in-laws tortilla-reicipe later, because naturally that is the best... But for now I'll just ruthlessly recommend you to use the ones you get from the store, because that way I think I can inspire more people to actually try make quesadillas! Quesadillas are just tortillas filled with melted cheese, and you can add meat, ham, beans, chorizo, bacon, avocado or whatever you please. Ayyy!

Rene making quesadillas.

Here's what you do:
1. Put the tortilla on a hot pan.
2.Turn it around when nice and tanned.
3. Add grated or sliced cheese (mild, such as Edam or grated mozzarella).
4. Fold it when melted.
5. Enjoy it with some drops of salsa verde.

One ingredient you should definitely buy is Salsa Verde. In Finland you get pretty good basic Mexican ingredients from every store, in Berlin I recommend Latinoamerika on Bundesallee 117. (KaDeWe just sells Tex-Mex-shit, like 'wraps' and cheddar sauce, please try to avoid that.)

Leftovers turned into breakfast! Grandma would be so proud...


Anonymous said...

Hola Maaria!!!!!!! muy bueno tu reportaje de las quesadillas, las tortillas se ven muy ricas, tu las hiciste??? son como las que hiciste aca.......jajajaja....muy buenas, saludos a todos.....los queremos, besitos, ciaooo....ama........

Anonymous said...

me olvide de decirte que veo tu blog todos los dias, es muy interesante....feliz fin de semana de PAPAS....diviertanse con los niños...les servira de practica......jajaja....pueden jugar loteria, pongo anonimo xq no se como poner mi nombre....jijijijij........bye