Thursday, May 14, 2009

I think I need a closet...

Living and Adapting

I've lived in quite a few places, mostly because I travel alot and my whereabouts change irregularly. Whenever I move into a new house I always find myself with too much stuff and nowhere to store it. So I just kind of leave it out there. Closets are too expensive anyways, shelves and racks are way cheaper. Also hammering some nails allover the walls is fun.

This leads to the fact that my room looks like a second-hand shop and it's really difficult to clean. But it looks cosy to me. (I'm not sure my man agrees.)

This has also been the case in my previous apartments:

...which takes me to some other interesting forms of living me and my friends have had:

Container-block in Amsterdam Nord, where my friend lives.

Me and Knickus making pasta in our kitchen in Frankfurt, during the World Cup, 2006.

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