Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fruitful day, yay!!

Today I got a new job, a new haircut and new shoes! Yes! Guys, I got the little job that I've been excited about, and soon I'll be shoppin Nudie jeans and colorful trainers all day long! :) I mean shopping is not my job, it's just a benefit (If you can call it that after I've spent my whole salary on clothes).

Right now I'm still broke, and I won't be getting paid any time I can only dream on. But some how I was so happy with my first job in Germany, that I went and bought myself some shoes. Cute ones, and very practical too, because I've suffered from the lack of sandals and black shoes, so weren't they just the cleverest combination!


Afterwards I got a haircut as a hair model in Haareszeiten (Danzigerstrasse 56), which turned out great, and cost only 5 euros! I was so happy I paid her double :)

...and cuddly?

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