Saturday, May 02, 2009

The ways we waste our time

In my previous job I had the responsible task of following the company emails and usually the biggest part of that was emptying the Spam. And just in case there was some important new message lost there in the useless pool of those samples of human intelligence, I couldn't just delete them, i had to go through all the subjects. Now that's something that got me all worked up. That has to be the most useless waste of time a person could spend. Well, apart from the time people use to create such crap for a living. Or maybe it really is worth it, I mean, do people actually read that shit, to keep the spammers going?

One of the finest pieces I came across was the announcement of a chance to get your money back from something that was totally free of charge in the first place (highlighted in the image below).

At this point I should make a confession. I was lately fooled to take part in a lame IQ-game online which only showed me how retarded I am. There was an ad in Facebook that kept telling me my friends IQs and I got provoked to take the quiz myself. First it had some really simple questions that made me feel secure about my intelligence. Of course there was also a clock showing me to hurry up with my answers. Then they asked me to see if I can type my phone number in 10 seconds... AND I DID! Brilliant. I regretted it immediately when I started getting SMSs from advertisers and clearly the only thing that test showed me was that it only takes simple things to fool a tool like me.

Another chapter is chain letters. I don't think I need to say more to believe you already get my frustration. (Unless you're under 13 or one of those sad people who create them.) I came across my favorite today in Youtube in the video commertaries. I thought it was a quite innovative and modern way to publish the letter but it still cuts to the point like the most traditional chain letter ever:

Take this Advice:
1. put your finger on your nose
2. hold your breath for 5 seconds
3. say the name of your love
4. that person will ask you out on the next Friday
5. you will have the best day tomorrow
6. if you don't copy and paste to 2 other videos you will have bad luck and die in 2 days

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