Friday, May 22, 2009

You lost me at 'hello'

Struggling in German

I've now done 2 long 'test-days' in a clothing store, speaking only German, and boy was that tough! I felt like 14 again, all super insecure, as if I'd never worked with people before... and all because my German really isn't that excellent. It really makes you feel retarded when you have years of experience of that exact same work, but you just can't ever be sure you understood what your colleague just asked you to do, and feel like you can't get a word out. (Don't look at me like that, German is REALLY difficult, and so is Finnish, so you can't expect a person to know both.)

And as all of you know, who have worked in customer service, it gets hectic and friggin tiring! After this 10 hour day my feet hurt so much I wanna chew them off, and they smell so bad I feel like sprinkling them on a pasta portion. The customers were very understanding though, that's the great thing about this city, everyone welcomes foreigners (hell, they really don't have a choice, not with the history this country has!). I was so tired of speaking German though, that I actually felt relieved getting to speak my lame beginner Spanish to some Latin customers, because that was something cool and unexpected. and my boyfriend are now struggling to find work in this city notorious of its unemployment, and we have damn well decided to do it. As we're starting our German careers, we're most likely gonna work in shops and bars first. I don't really care, as long as the language starts flowing, and I can be my talkative self again. Now that I had my chance to practice for my future job, we also created Rene a chance to master his likely future job: bartending. As we couldn't afford a massive coctailparty with all sorts of booze and mixers, we innovatively filled our collection of recyclable bottles with water, tagged them with the needed names, and sliced an orange to perform the role of lime and lemon wedges. Sam didn't let us cut leaves off her fresh mint for "our crappy fake-drinks", so I stole some pathetic dead leeves.... Hahaha. Sad and pretty disgusting, but sneaky!

This is how delicious a fake-drink lookes like - pretty pro, huh?

Would you buy a drink from this man?

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