Wednesday, October 07, 2009

so many shoes, so little space

Now that I'm well and working again, I really don't have much time to do anything else as getting dressed. When I was on sick-leave, I didn't even bother to do that, so that may explain the long gap between posts. I'm still sorry for that, but I looked so repulsive, that if I'd taken photos they could only be published in Vice Magazine (- which I love. But seriously, they had an article about a guy experimenting on not using the bathroom for weeks). My roommate suggested I make a blog about my flu. When I was cooking and keeping my nose from running into the food, I had to stick toiletpaper into my nostrils. Let me know, until next time, if you wanna see that.

Here's a bunch of stuff I've been wearing to work:

dress: Ginatricot
top: too embarrassing to tell
leggins: vintage from Kopernikusstrasse
purse: Steve Madden
shoes: Bianco

cardigan: Pull & Bear
top: Only
skirt: H&M
leggins: H&M
shoes: Onitsuka Tiger
belt: Motivi
ring: Bijou Brigitte
scarf: self-made, fabric from Mauerpark

scarf: I think Jack & Jones, if I remember correcly
jacket: Bershka
tee: Drop Dead
top: Ginatricot
jeans: Cheap Monday
shoes: Converse

Fall cleaning
I've told you earlier about our blissful living arrangement, where two couples share an apartment, play games and get drunk together, and it all works perfectly. Well, it's still working really well, so no dramatic scoops there. We did have a big cleaning discussion with 'the whole family', though, so we could all be on the same track, and keep living as happily together. After agreeing which colored sponge is for the toilet and which for the sink, we discovered a problem: I have too much shoes. And they're all over the place. Here they are.

dirty trainers.
From (left to right): Converse, Onitsuka Tiger, Adidas (vintage), Kowalski and Hummel.

Some of Rene's dirty trainers aswell.
From: Converse, New Balance and somewhere in Mexico.

We love trainers, you get it. These new clean shiny luvvy Nike-trainers I bought from work for 17,50 with personnel discount!!! AAAAAW!

These Onitsuka-babies are also from work, got them as a birthday present from my colleagues! OMG!!

Some more ladylike ones for when ever I feel like a lady.
From: Ed Hardy (up left), Bianco, some Turkish shop on Karl-Marx Strasse, Cheapo Shoes, Buffalo and some shop on Freda, Helsinki.

Boots! I love the rubber ones, they're so practical and cool too! I just remembered I have a bunch more in the basement...
From (left to right): Motivi, Mauerpark, Motivi.

And there's so much more... do you have any tips on how to contain all this? Cos all the cabinets in Ikea can't.

Side note: Most women seem to think they have a shoe fetish. Every celebrity on MTV Cribs, Carrie Bradshaw, and everyone who wants to be like them. It's IN to have a sick obsession on shoes. Right? When you ask a woman, if they have any vices, they usually say (as if it was embarrassing), "I must admit, I buy too many shoes." Well, I personally don't think I have a shoe fetish any more than a fetish to any other pretty item. (Sometimes I impulsively buy 3 winter coats but then I compensate it by buying 5 bags in a row.) I probably don't have as many shoes as most fashion bloggers. I just just have too many for this house.

PS. If you're intrested in another accessory-post of mine about rings, you can find it here.


rene said...

shoes are the best thing that happened to this world!!!

Anonymous said...

I love all the shoes! The thing we have to remember about shoes, is that there are four seasons a a million different occasions in the year. It is sort of necessary! At this point I will admit to having about 65 pairs of shoes. I am now down to 25, and am much more careful with what I buy, and try not to buy too many of the same. Needless to say, I do miss some of the other 40 pairs of shoes. But I had to make room for all the cool shoes that are in the horizon for my very exciting future.

Love Lena.

avara maiju said...

I feel the need to quote Confessions of a Shopaholic... "Shoes are a basic human right." I can't believe I'm quoting that movie. For the second time actually. I really don't consider relating myself to that character at all. Shit.