Sunday, October 04, 2009


Desperate to get to the festivities

I've spent one week in bed with the flu, looking forward to getting better and getting out of the house. The first time I actually did that, was Saturday, on the day of the German reunification. The city was so packed with people, that we saw absolutely nothing, and it was so cold, that we gave up trying. It was impossible to get to the Brandenburg Gate, where they had a concert, so we walked around Mitte for some hours, but then went home to my sister's to drink hot tea and eat chocolates. The kids and I also played a game of throwing colourful little aliens and monsters on a bunch of other little creatures.

Later that night my roommate showed me a video he had shot in the city, and we watched the concert on MTV. After all that freezing, a virtual version was good enough for me.

Laundry: scarf - a piece of wool jersey from the fabric-guy in Mauerpark, leathercoat - Bershka, jeans - Cheap Monday, rubberboots - Motivi, purse - Tommy Hilfiger.

The battlefield.

Here are the "aliens, monsters, japanese, and chinese", my nephews gogons, who are the world to him right now.

Brunching Xberg-style

Today was my second day out of the house. Learning to live again, getting back into the game. Fresh air was so fresh, dudes. We were invited to our friend Lasse's house for brunch in Kreuzberg, and that was just so simple and perfect, chill and delicious. I'm totally inspired by the streets and houses of Xberg, and stopped to take pics of every sweet detail. It's still one of the poorest parts of the city with an amazing mix of colours of the Turkish shops and markets, old bleek ugly houses and a humble, bohemian atmosphere.

It's now time to start looking for a dress for the wedding next summer, should I start here?

Walk through Kreuzberg to Mitte, signs of fall

On the way home is where the pigeons live. Can someone explain? This city witholds too many surprises.


Engelbecken is closed for the winter. It's a really sweet little cafe by the fountains, in the summer it's just a must. They had actually taken down the whole house, how dramatic. Winter is on its way.

I absolutely love this mixture of styles, of old and new. And in the October light the houses look in a weird way what I would imagine like Miami.

PS. What do you think of the new layout? I decided to try something out, and I kinda like it, so I think I'll keep it. Or?


Jalouse said...

Ihan mahtavia, mahtavia fiiliskuvia! Varsinkin noi aamiais?pöydän kuvat, joissa valo tulee ihanasti ikkunasta sisään... Paljon ihmisiä ja pöytä notkuu :)

avara maiju said...

Voi kiitos :) Fiilis oli kyllä kohdallaan!