Monday, October 05, 2009

Simple fun

I've gotten over my boringly passive sick-leave, and am spending my free moments around much more old-school hobbies than the virtual media. I got all creative and started decorating and colouring stuff. First I doodled allover an old Ikea-box that looked kinda boring. I've had the idea many times, but I've never taken it up. Spontanious as I am, I finally did it. What do you think?

You can get these boxes in Ikea, but to make them look a bit more like yourself, try doodling on them, painting, or scrapping photos or pictures on them.

This is where it ended up.

You know that little guy you may have seen in pictures in Facebook that is franticly colouring a picture like his life depended on it, and the text says "I fuckin love colouring!!!". Well, I can vouch for that. I bought a grown-up colouring book in Sweden a few years back, and now I remembered it exists. My niece Olivia and I were colouring her table mat in a family restaurant the other day, and that's where the thought popped into my head.

Now that is a pastime you should bring back from childhood, colouring is creative, but doesn't ask too much of you. You don't need to know how to draw, you don't even need to stay inside the outlines, if you wish. It's inspiring and relaxing. And you can do it inside, when it's cold and rainy. It's even more fun when you do it with a 4-year-old. So, if you know anyone with kids, you'll most likely find the supplies at their house. Otherwise, go get yourself a book!

Jesper Waldersten's colouringbook has a filosophy, that suits kids and grown-ups. Not all princesses are perfect - this one has a stunning moustache. I've been trying different techniques. This one's with markers.

Coloured pencils.

Anton and Olivia's interpretation when they were 3 and 5.

This one i'm saving for a special occasion, it's totally my favorite!


jukka said...

I like the new banner!!

Meri said...

Good to hear you're well again!
Ootko näyttäny A&O.lle tota sun värityskirjan lempisivua? Ne kuolis nauruun - ne rakastaa pieruhuumoria!

avara maiju said...

jukka: thanks! i like it too. i also like you :)

meri: hahaha, mahtavaa, et ne on sit taas tullu aika hyvin sukuunsa. oots kertonu jo niille sen jeppa-pierujutun? aina ku oon pahal pääl, ja joku sanoo sanan 'pieru', kaikki paranee hetkessä. vielä parempi jos ne pierasee.