Sunday, October 11, 2009

a night in West-Berlin

It's been an interesting week, since my parents came to Berlin for the anniversary of my sister & her husband. They've lived 15 years in Berlin. We had a huge party on Saturday and loads of people around from the years back. It was big fun for the little sister aswell (me) because I first came to visit them like 1998 and have loved coming here ever since. That eventually brought me to study here, and then move in here for real. I get so nostalgic, and yet this city feels so fresh and new at the same time, it's like home, but never boring.

We started out with dinner in Amrit on Winterfeldplatz, one of a chain of 3 Indian restaurants they have in Berlin. We've been going there forever, and it's originally the place I had my first Palak Paneer at the fine age of 16, and fell in love for good. It's become really big and touristy, the coctails are huge and the decorations are kitchy, but the service and food are still extremely good.

The actual party was in Puro, which is one of the only clubs I go to in the West. To be more specific, it's on the top of Europa Center. I actually never go there by myself, just when my bro-in-law invites us to hang out. I probably wouldn't get in without him, it's very high class for me.* There was a fashion show at first, and afterwards we hung out in a lounge with live music and old friends from the day I was a little girl, and a first-timer in Berlin. It was a walk down the good old memory lane. Thanks for the partee!

*) Instead I usually stick to the vast selection of creepy dungeons with loud techno and a smell of wet basement, where you can be a total nobody and love it. This city is very inspiring for us nobodies without money or power. The ones in hope for the high life can go to Paris or New York.

The princess of the night was as stylish and gorgeous as ever!

Towards the west.

The only (and best) piece of the fashion show I was able to grab.
Laundry of the night:
t-shirt from one of those little cubes you put into water and they grow into a shirt,
skirt vintage,
necklace an oldie from H&M.

My mummy was there too! The best woman in the whole world!

It got a bit foggy in the end (or was it just in my head?)

Side note: The party was in West-Berlin, which was quite suitable, since we spent the first summers I visited my sister always there. Back in the day east was still really rugged and ugly, since it hadn't been rebuilt from the times of the war and the wall, and we mostly hung out in the west, where everything was European and modern, coffee was in a glass, and clubs had toilets.

But later my sis moved to the east and I got to see the really cool stuff, so I never really went back... in a way the Soviets kind of did us a favor for not modernizing the east, because that gave us more time to enjoy the whole underground scene with bombed, unkept houses. Now the city is being rebuilt so fast, that what used to be the club is now the toilet of a big fancy restaurant. But Berlin still remains. To me atleast.


rene said...

the best of the west! hehe such a cool party. any idea when there's celebratin another anniversary?

Antonia said...

Thank you very much. (:
You are very likable. <3

Meri said...

It sure was a great night, but there won't be another anniversary that soon. Maybe in another 15 years... I'm still recovering...

Marloes said...

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that i think your blog is really amazing! I often read your stories at work and it sometimes helps me getting through the day haha. It also makes me realize how much i miss berlin! Keep on writing and give my love to berlin :)

love, Marloes from holland

avara maiju said...

rene: i think we need to get plannin parties next

antonia: oh that's very sweet, thank you :)

meri: well maybe we'll think of sth meanwhile :)

marloes: how cool to hear from you! thanks so much, i'm happy u spend your days at work well :))) haha. Berlin really is still the best place to be, and I'll tell it u said hi :) maybe we'll cu soon here too?