Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Loveable, dear, darling readers... Part 2.


Here are some more cute comments of yours, compiled as continuation for last time. I took the liberty of translating some for you, and then having some fun again seeing how Google would have translated them. :) I can't thank you enough, for being oh-so-sweet! Keep the feedback comin'!

Alongside are some more pictures of where our sexy Avara Maiju-tops ended up last summer.

In Tammerfest in Tampere, Finland, on the gig of the decade.

I've had some expected wacky outfit-comments:

Ina said...
Babe, I am loving those crazy outfits! Got some great pics there... My fave is the mustache-fuck-groom-lady with her beautiful bride in the bathroom! LOL

TiiaL said...
Joo, ette kyl näyttäny päivääkään alle nelikymppisiltä. Aika hyvin :) Upealla vaatetuksella ja meikillä saa kyllä ihmeitä aikaan, ja päät kääntymään, voisin kuvitella. - July 31, 2009 2:20 PM
(Translation by me: Yeah, you didn't look a day younger than 40. Pretty well done :) With gorgeous clothes and make up you can work wonders, and the heads will turn aswell, I can imagine.)
(Translation by Google translator: Yeah, you seem cold day in less than four in any suit. Pretty good :) Superbly clothing and meikillä not enough miracles, and heads to turn, I could imagine.)

And, well, some unexpected weird shit too. :) Lovin it all!

Piritta said...
Siistii, oon jo pitkän aikaa toivonu eläkeläisteemabileitä, mut kukaan ei oo innostunu. En malta odottaa ens kesää, jee! - August 10, 2009 8:59 PM
(Translation by me: Cool, I've been hoping for a senior citizen-theme-party for some time, but no-one has been impressed. can't wait til next summer, yeah!)
(Translation by Google Translator: Sweet,'ve liked for a long time eläkeläisteemabileitä, me, no one oo excited. I do not expect Malta ens the summer, yeah!)

I've tried to respond to all of you on the comments, but I still need to say I'm overwhelmed! Thanks so much, guys! All of you, who have read, or commented, or will read, or comment! I appreciate it.

In Puuhamaa, a little amusement park in Tervakoski, Finland.

As you know, I love your feedback. Regarding the poll on the right, it seems some of you would prefer small posts more often than chunky big posts more seldom. Because I'm a jolly good fellow, I've already taken action. When I was sick, I had a long dry season, but now I'm back, and giving you what you asked for: more quantity and... less quality! Haha. Well, maybe in this case, more frequency, smaller quantity (but still excellent quality). Have you liked it? Or does it make any difference?

Now the question is, how often do you wish to have something new, and do you usually scroll down to older posts, or only read the newest one? If you answer this, that would help me on this quest to make you guys happy campers.



Maria said...

Sulle on haaste blogissani :)

rene said...

lovely pics!
i think that 3 new articles per week is good. but lets see what everyone else has to say

avara maiju said...

Maria: ooo! jänskää :) kiitos!

rene: ur lovely too honeymunchkin