Saturday, October 17, 2009

Italian lunch with the folks

We took my dad and his girlfriend for a late breakfast in our neighbourhood. The place is Ponte Carlo, on Brückenstrasse (close to Jannowitzbrücke), a small Italian deli that looks so cute that we always go there hoping for something amazing. Some fresh coffee, some sandwhiches with nice cheese. Usually they aren't so prepared for our expectations, but the guys really make an effort. Once they made us a delicious breakfast out of nowhere. You never know what you're gonna get there. The employees are really cute italians who just run their business with a smile.

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This time I was a bit bummed out with my risotto, 'cos they forgot to put the meat. But when I asked for it, it came back really fresh and crispy with fried beef, rosemary, and parmesan. You couldn't make me happier.


Piritta said...

Peukku Maarian faijalle.

Fashion Chalet said...

sweet =)

I had Italian lunch with my family today too, how funny. :) and thank you for the award!


Anonymous said...

italian food = slow food!
nice haha

avara maiju said...

Piritta: annan peukun eteenpäin, kiitos :)

Fashion Chalet: Cool! I'm happy you liked it! :)

Anonymous: so, 'Italian' equals 'slow'? :) clever!