Monday, October 19, 2009

Finnish pots, German neighborhoods

When my mom was here last week, we explored this Finnish design-shop I'd heard good things of. It's called 'Kippis' which means 'cheers', 'prost', 'salut' and 'skål' in Finnish. :) It resides on Torstrasse 147, is cutiecute and reminds me so much of our home when I was a kid. This is the Finnish legacy we have had for generations and that makes us what we are, form and function, simplicity and sense:

P1050621 by you.P1050597 by you.P1050598 by you.P1050601 by you.P1050602 by you.P1050615 by you.P1050616 by you.P1050618 by you.

What do you guys think? I thought it was sweeeeeeet!

We took a walk to Mitte through Auguststrasse, which is on one of the best rastaurant and bar-areas of down town Berlin. There is also the lagendary Clärchens Ballhaus, a hundred-year-old nightclub faithful to its original style. It's also my sisters favorite club, and she takes me there sometimes to dance to 50's beats and live music. I never get good pics though at night time, although the atmosphere is even better than in these.

P1050622 by you.P1050625 by you.P1050626 by you.P1050627 by you.P1050631 by you.

Once you reach Tucholskystrasse, you're surrounded by some great international restaurants and little bars just nicely aside from the kitchy and touristy Oranienburger strasse. This time we stopped by a nice Italian deli-restaurant that my bro-in-law recommended. Other nice things worth your try could be the German food of Schwarzwaldstube or the cocktails in Keyser Soze.

P1050634 by you.P1050633 by you.P1050637 by you.P1050638 by you.P1050639 by you.P1050642 by you.
Coat - bought somewhere in Rome a few yars back
Pants - cuties I bought on sale just now in H&M
Shoes - ordered from an Ellos catalogue in the nineties in Finland
scarf - you know the drill

P1050644 by you.
Some poor bastard had dropped their cheese :(

PS. have you noticed the small layout changes that have been appearing lately? What do you think of the bigger pics and the banner? Any other suggestions, or do you just plain hate it? Avara Maiju aims to please, and is constantly under construction for a happier reader. Kisses!


yvet said...

Your blog is like the best thing when I am sitting at work, against my will, being totally bored and grabbing each opportunity to do something else. So I love them in any form! I like the fact that you're posting more often and I love all the pictures as well! And I really like ur banner too.
kiss kiss!

rene said...

i think is nice that ur recomendin more places around in berlin. the banner is really cool!

u should organize an avara maiju party in clärchens

Meri said...

Avara Maiju goes Clärchen! I'm in for that!

Meri said...

...and I love the new lay out! Next time we have an anniversary, we let you design the invitation, I promise.

Megan said...

Yes, we do seem to have very similar tastes! First of all, I love your pink trousers there. I'd be tempted myself but I just bought another pair in H and M today and must be careful, being broke et al. AND the song your blog was playing the other day was The Knife 'Heartbeats' which is one of my all time favourites.

I like the blog too! I'm going to have little read through your archives...

avara maiju said...

Yvet: oh my god, how sweet you are babe! That totally made my day! I bet your boss wouldn't say the same though..haha! thanks angel, i know the feeling of rotting inside, when all you can do is wait to get home from work... kisses

rene: thanks! hah, how would that differ from the other parties? :)

meri: thank you :) hihih.

Megan: oh how cool that you also think we have so much in common. weird, huh? :) yeah the pants were the best, 9 euros on sale! haha. thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Less than two euro for a block of cheese!? WOW! I will come very soon, a block of cheese like that is about 6 Euro here ( 10 dollars) .....aaaah......see you in spring

Love L.

avara maiju said...

L: hahha ur the best! Appreciation for cheese lies in our hearts!