Wednesday, September 30, 2009

from Lita Ford to Aileen Wuornos in one night

The essence of being idle
I'm sick and cranky and totally out of everything that's happening in the world. I've only been looking like Aileen Wuornos, slacking off like K-Fed, watching Weeds, Dexter, Californication and the Office, and loving it. I've been gathering my strength, getting inspired.

I know I couldn't go on like this forever, lying in bed watching tv, eating apples and breath mints. I'm already getting sore from all the lying down. But god, was it boring to be sick when I was a kid, when there were only 4 tv-channels and no internet! There was no free tv online, I had to watch reruns of Saved By The Bell and quiz shows all day. And I had especially bad immunity, so I was sick like every month. To a kid, being off school could have been so much cooler. These days its so easy to be sick with all this passive activity around to keep yourself entertained.

Here's how it all started, after a night playing a virtual rocker, and going out. When you go out too much, you can catch a cold.

Cuban dinner

We started off in Varadero, on Vorbergstrasse 11, Schöneberg, where they serve the best Latin American food I've been able to find in Europe and authentic Cuban Mojitos. It's small and cosy, customers have filled the walls with tags, and the personnel is cute and salute you in Spanish. I especially recommend the fish, Nachos con queso, or Tamal. All dishes are generous and delicious, we're even concidering flying the chef to Finland for our wedding next year. :) If you wanna try out a cuban night in Schöneberg, you can get to Varadero with the U7 (stop: Eisenacherstrasse).

Laundry of my first part of the day: shirt Motivi, top JC, leggins Ginatricot, necklace Youth vs. Future, bracelets from the Marina in Lahti, Finland (oh shit, I can't remember the maker, I've lost the card!).

This is the closest I've gotten to my Mexican mother-in-law's tamales (the big corn-loaf) and pollo con mole (chicken in gravy). Please don't behead me as a total racist prick, but Cuban reminds me alot of Mexican food, and I love it all.

Band-practice-theme party with Guitar Hero

We had leather, lace, plastic instruments and a bit too much fun.

I was going for 'Courtney Love' but as usual I turned out as something like 'Lita Ford'. I'm not sure that's a bad thing, though. I seemed to have some really rosy image of Courtney from 20 years ago, when she was just grunge and not yet totally gross. Now all of her pictures I googled were so gross I don't wanna put them here. I did feel like her when I woke up the next morning.

Lita is hot.

Ina (left) was not informed of the dresscode, (oops), so to keep her from being all Bridget Jones, we gathered her a little Axl Rose-inspired outfit.

Blues brothers.

Rene with his groupies.

We had the supplies: wine from Chile (I mean Lidl), refreshments, Guitar Hero, and a head.

On the way to White Trash we saw our own model-boy posing for Converse on Rosa Luxenbour-Platz! Recognize him?

We're so proud!

In White Trash:

It was dark and grainy, and I mostly stayed out of the conversation, thinking I will get more out of it if I take pictures. It's true since I really can't remember much.

Laundry of my latter part of the night: the pink dress I bought for a neon party from Ginatricot; lace top from Motivi; ribbon from Ina's birthday present attached with a pin; necklaces Six and H&M; earrings from the time my sis and I loved Madonna; bracelet combination from Motivi, my sisters old 90's accessories, and fleamarket in Boxhagenerplatz.

The beauty of the morning after:


Anonymous said...

amazin outfits u got there ;)

avara maiju said...

anonymous: thank you :) we did our best!