Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dutch goods and bullet holes

My businesses didn't go as well as usual this weekend. Saturday I kinda exaggerated the baking for the vernissage and Sunday was a really rainy flea market day. I got a bit carried away, and somehow overdid the amount of pastries for the party, so now I have 2 whole banana cakes in the freezer. I already OD'd on it, so I can't eat anymore. It was about time to have some setbacks though, 'cos I have been extremely lucky so far selling out the stuff really fast most of the time. (If you can call having a freezer full of cake "a setback".)

Luckily, I got an extra order to cater another opening party yesterday, which was a really cool coincidense! A reader of mine, Helena, who passed by my first bake sale in May, asked me to make her a bunch of rice pasties to the opening of her store. Isn't that cool? I took the pasties to her shop Hot & Cold on Winterfeldtstrasse 47, which looked really cute. I need to go back on better time to check it out, because this time I just had to rush towards my fully multitasked Saturday-evening... it was a hectic weekend, but one of the best again. :)

Major events that have kept me happy lately:

1. Yvet was here!

I saw my friend Yvet for the first time in two years, when we spent a great summer together in Berlin ocasionally studying fashion together and mostly shopping, giggling, listening to Justin and getting to know folks from all over the world. She's Dutch, she has a great accent and I'm in love with her. She brought me a rediculously huge bag full of liquorice and syrup waffles. She's so invited back asap! :)))

A serious gift bag with goodies to keep me happy until Christmas!

I love the stroopwafels so much I could wrap myself into one and eat myself out.

Sam invited friends over for a Maroccan dinner (with French/Finnish starters).

We went to our crappy cornerpub Melancholie, and though they have a huge coctail menu, they never have any ingredients or know how to make the drinks. So we helped the bartender make us caipiroskas (with 12 cl vodka) and Irish coffees (whith Red Label), and she thanked us for it, and got a nice tip. We also stopped by in Tresor, and had breakfast at Anita Wronski (my fave in Kollwitzplatz).

Yarrrrr what a fox!

Laundry of the night: the tee is one of those wrinkly t-shirts that are squeezed into a little plastic cube from New York, skirt vintage from Berlin, leggins Ginatricot, boots vintage from Mauerpark, leather coat Bershka, scarf self made. Yvet's mostly wearing Kuyichi and Topshop, and looking smokin' hot!

The waitress asked me to go talk her through making our coctails. So they were sort of DIY caipiroskas, and pretty damn good ones too. :)

The cute ring says hoot hoot


I took alot of pictures of Yvet, because I couldn't take my eyes off her.

We really took everything we could from that poor new barkeeper.

Laundreee: Shirt Oasis, Necklace Turkish Market on Maubachufer, head thingy H&M.

Cheese-Ham-brekkie in Anita Wronski

2. Dieter & Thomas opening in pushGalerie

It was cool to meet the designers of the gun-bags. The bags were amazing! I really don't get it how they can get the forms molded into leather that well. The whole shop is full of cute cool little inventions, and finally I took some pictures of them. The party was succesfull and alot of people came. Even a reader of mine, who just moved to Berlin, came to visit. That was so sweet! :)

The proud mothers of the baby-purses.

My favorite with the lady sized revolver kind of just lying on the bottom.

Bullet holes. Get it? :)

Some more cute things in Push.

3. Fleamarket

The fleamarket, was a major waste of time, to be honest. You get to pay more (28 e) for the stand than in Finland (25 e) and it's outside, not very well covered from the rain and doesn't include chairs or a clothing rack. It was raining like hell, and I made something like 20 euros, man! In Finland I've usually made something from 100 to 350 e. I did make some really good fabric bargains from my neighbouring Turk though, and he even bought us coffees. :) Thanks, dude! I think we ended up going home with more stuff than what we brought. I guess I'll just stick to selling buns on my roommates ironing board.

I was freezing and Sams grandma's old hat was so friggin' hot it saved me from hypothermia. Jancsy and his dad bought a belt. :)




We had to cover most of the stand, cos the rain found its way in...

Anyone up for some banana cake? Just come over :)


Liljetys said...

en sitten löytänyt sua Mauerparkista :(. Mutta joku päivä vois käydä kahvittelemassa jossain missä on lämmintä ja hyviä kakkuja, suosituksia? :) Mulle kävis parhaiten torstai näillä näkymin, mikä aika vaan. Pistä sähköpostia ni tehhään treffit!

yvet said...

Aww ur so sweet! Miss you already! Your blog is totally prolonging my Berlin-buzz though and helped me get through the difficult 1st day of the week here at work.. ;) Thanks hon!
Let me know when you run out of Dutch supplies so that I can come over with a refill ;)

avara maiju said...

liljetys: voi, me oltiin ihan siin ovensuussa... :) mut joo, tavataa joku päivä. jänskää, blogi-kamu!

yvet: hih! you gotta start suggesting some dates. you kno ur always welcome! + you're the best supplier ever!!!