Thursday, September 10, 2009

Raffle winner + I look so fat on this video

Here's the winner! Thanks to everybody who participated, and commented! Now that you know how to do it, please keep it up. I love your comments. :)

Btw I got so nervous making the video, that I sounded a bit underwhelmed for the winner, who really deserved the prize and loads more congrats! Congratulations and many thanks for your adorable support! I'll work on my video performance in the future (at least you never had to watch me fast forward through 1,5 hours of our extremely 'funny' amateur interrail trip-video. Or did you..? I can still arrange that.)

Kisses to you all, sweethearts! Hopefully I'll see some of you in the killer bag vernissage on Saturday at 18:00 in pushGalerie, Kollwitzstrasse 97 or at the fleamarket on Sunday (of which you can read more in the previous post). :)


TiiaL said...

Se oli oikein jännittävä arvontahetki :) Ja tosiaan, eräät ovat katsoneet interrail-videon, mutta en mä sanois et se mitenkään tuskaista oli. Parhaiten on jääny mieleen se, kun Sanja intoilee, että "Tää juna on laivassa, siis voittekste käsittää?!?".

avara maiju said...

hahaha, pitäski kattoo se taas. kunnon vhs-kotivideoo jossa turistit urpoilee!