Saturday, September 19, 2009

We've been celebrating lately.

Thursday we went to listen to some Finnish bands with some new friends I found in Mauerpark last Sunday (so it wasn't all in vain dragging myself there dying of cold and poverty). I was happy with the gig, especially Rubik made me smile. And afterwars we stayed out like all night around Prenzlauerberg, which wasn't bad either.

The warmup was Murmansk. I liked the singer (on the right), she was tough and butchy, and had a strong voice.


Astrid Swan looks alot like my friend Anni. I miss her.


Astrid Swan's bassist was also Rubiks biggest fan and a really groovy dancer.

He later got some company from more funky movers.

Franzz is really not a club of the most intresting kind. I think you can get the idea from the toilet door.

The toilets in Zu mir oder zu dir are way better, don't you think?

The man without his beard.

Alissa had a really cool leather dress. I can't remember where it was from, though I asked her especially so I could tell you guys. If you're here A., please remind me.

No post without raw fish
Friday was my sister's birthday and we went for sushi in Sagano, on Olivaerplatz. The food was delicious, and they also had philadelphia cheese. I still wouldn't recommend this over our favorite place (Don Sushi), because it's a bit too west-berlin (meaning it's just too far), and the play NRJ (shit music only) in the background. Plenty of hearts for the teriyaki-sauce though! (I kept calling it yakitori-sauce all evening.)

The birthday-girl (in the middle) had been shopping all afternoon for skinny-skinny jeans and looked dispite the discomfort as fresh as ever!

After sushi we went to a tennis-club in Tempelhof for another birthday-party, where i was about to pass out of tiredness, until I discovered the sauna-section and made a little photo-expedition.

Laundry: top from Oasis, pants Herrlicher, belt from work, bracelett from mom from India :), purse from Steve Madden from Mexico.

This sign is so great in so many ways. The fact that it is directed to "Dear Sauna-friends", that it's a bit wrinkly from the moisture (or sweat of tennisplayers), and the way the guy who wrote it used MS Word and formatted it with bold, italic, a bigger bunch of exclamation points than you'd see in a Mexican girl's Facebook status, and different alignments and font sizes. And, of course, the fact that you need to remind those jolly good tennisplayers to take off their tennis shoes when they bathe.


Asko said...

Hey Maiju, great post! Hope you liked Murmansk. That's was our boy Jaakko on the drums, straight from Vääksy! Rubik is definitely one of the best Finnish bands right now. Glad to see our folks hit Berlin!

jukka said...

Couple of weeks ago there was a "Berlin in Helsinki" happening next to lasipalatsi. Propably not a coincidence..

avara maiju said...

Asko: Oh shit! How did I miss that, a Vääksy-boy on stage!!! say hi to jaakko and tell him i'm sorry i didn't jump on stage with them.

Jukka: what was there? I should read more of these things, 'cos I'm basically Helsinki and Berlin in the flesh. :)

aliisa said...

hey!!thanks for the company on sunday, it was a lot of fun! was thurday:) it´s a Modstrom-dress, but i seem to have forgotten how to sit like a lady:D anyways, hope to see you guys soon again!

avara maiju said...

aliisa: well, you're in the right company then, 'cos all we do is act like ladies :D