Friday, September 25, 2009

it's a nice day for a white wedding

Fall is coming to Berlin, and as beautiful as it is outside, you can't keep us away from our new Guitar hero! That's what's been keeping us occupied whenever we have time to be home. Rene got a bit carried away - again - and bought like 4 different games and all the instruments, some twice. So anytime you're around this city and wanna jam, get a bottle of Jack and give us a holler!

Occasionally I do also go out (and not come home til morning only to die slowly at work the next day). On Wednesday we went for some drinks after work, and ended up spontaniously to Ballhaus Mitte, to the Broken Hearts club. I got all inspired with the kitchy wedding theme, that had made everyone dress up to vintage wedding dresses. My fave is the Courtney Love-wannabe. Next summer we need to gather all the paper mobiles with bells and angels that the shops withhold, 'cos we're getting married! And you may have noticed how much into themeparties (and tacky stuff) I am, and I think we found our theme...

Falltime in the hood

The guys of Golden gate club are renovating for winter. I hope they don't have to close the club again, 'cos I hear they occasionally it gets shut down by the city.

Jammin', rockin' and slappin the bass

Anton, my nephew, has the attitude and the outfit.

I really don't know if auntie has the attitude or the outfit, though. This is how I imagine a proper person would go to a job interview or for crayfish dinner with my mom's Finnish-Swedish friends. I need to work on the outfit for our next jamming session. Laundry of the day: overall - Ato, top - JC, belt - Vanzetti, bracelets - somewhere in India and Boxhagenerplatz, Berlin, headband - from my hands and heart.

Failed on easy. Lol.

A night out at Tacheles and The broken hearts club in Ballhaus Mitte

Lovers in the bathtub (bath foam smelled like Mango Colada).


This is so me next summer! Pick your favorite too!

For the groom I would choose this one. Wait...who is he calling?

No answer.


Ina said...

Babe, I am loving those crazy outfits! Got some great pics there... My fave is the mustache-fuck-groom-lady with her beautiful bride in the bathroom! LOL

Meri said...

Tuli mieleen, että meidänhän piti mennä hypistelemään hääpukuja kaupungille joku päivä...

avara maiju said...

Ina: I loved him/her/it too! I tried to ask where they got the outfits, but they were really vague... something about the L word, Sir Iven...

Meri: Hell, yes! mistäs aletaa hypistelee?? Ois ihanaa! mut en tiiä oikeesti yhtää mistä alottaa. kestätsä jos mennää johonki haisevaan vintageluolaan kattoo kasarirytkyjä? :)