Wednesday, September 16, 2009

raw fish and moustache

Do you ever think about how life just keeps repeating itself? Sometimes it feels like all I do is walk across the bridge to work or buy the same 2 kg German apples from the grocery store. I've done it so many times it feels unreal. Now, I've noticed that we sit in the same sushi restaurant all the time. We take all our friends there and never get tired of it.

Yesterday we were goin' there again, and our roommates, Sam and Jeo, were like "Oh shit, we're goin for sushi too, but we wanna go alone" (the unsocial bastards). Lucky for them, there's another one across the street! How cool is it to have 2 local sushi places around the corner? And they're both friggin good. Make your own comparison on Brückenstrasse 15 in Don Sushi, and Brückenstrasse 3 in Shochiku Sushi Bar.

The Philadelphia rolls in Don Sushi are my favorite, they're hard to find in Berlin. I always ask them with extra cheese. *Chuckles*

We ordered 'a few' things.

And 'cos they love us, they gave us an extra Sake-maki on the house. Heart!

People say this guy looks like Che Guevara, and he works in a Cuban bar, so everybody thinks it's somehow cute. I bet my dad wouldn't.

Don't gasp at Rene's and my incredibly tacky matching headbands, please. We weren't like that the whole time. Laundry of the day: top - Ginatricot, chain - Motivi, headband - self made.


Later at home Rene shaved off his beard. El Che was gone and El Zorro came out! He's gonna hate me for publishing this one. :) I've been begging him to have a moustache, and now he did, for like 12 hours. Today he came to visit me at work all shaven and looking like he was 18 again. Creapy!

For my Finnish readers, as a bonus, some more Google Translator laughs from the previous post:

Cute rengas sanoo viheltää viheltää

Oma suosikki on naisen kokoinen revolveri eräänlainen vain makaa pohjassa.

Satoi kuin helvetti, ja olen tehnyt jotain 20 euroa, mies!

Sain vähän innostua, ja jotenkin overdid määrä leivonnaisia varten puolueen, joten nyt olen 2 koko banaani kakkua pakastimessa.

Lukija minulle, Helena, joka hyväksyi minun ensimmäinen leipoa myyntiin toukokuussa pyysi minua tekemään hänelle kasan riisiä piirakatavaamista hänen Store. Ei ole niin siistiä?

Rakastan stroopwafels niin, etten voinut kääri itseäni yhdeksi ja syödä itseni.

Yarrrrr mitä kettu!


yvet said...

I say: a month or two and then he'll look like Jesse!

yvet said...

.. cause now he sort of looks like Jesus! hehe!

avara maiju said...

I think Jesse is his goal in life. And in Finnish we call Jesus 'Jesse' and Jesse in Spanish would probably be Jesús. You know like the great men of bible and leaders of kingdoms are all translated. (George Bush would be Yrjö Puska in Finnish, Jorg Buske in Swedish, and Jorge Arbusto in Spanish etc.) How this makes any sense, is just probably in my head.