Monday, September 21, 2009

summer is still on, and the shop is open

I've had a few inquiries about the headbands and scarves I've made, and yes, I can make them in more colours aswell. :) If you're interested, please email me at avaramaiju (at), suggest a colour/combination you love from the colour lists below, and we'll talk business.

And this is me wearing them and looking completely underdressed alongside the smokin hot Alissa. Laundry: Top - Spanky, pants - H&M, shoes - Onitsuka Tiger, scarf and headband - selfmade.

Head- /Wristbands

I was so happy, when my colleague, Karo, told me that she's really satisfied with hers, 'cos she says this one stays on all day and doesn't give her a headache like those traditional hard headbands that press on your temples.

I have material in
*sky blue
*light green
*lime green
*light pink

I make them of jersey, so they're flexible. You can wear them either around your head like a traditional headband or in hippie-style, or as a wristband wrapped around your wrist a couple of times (like Rene does :)).

Are available in
*light pink
*sky blue

Shop & Shoppers
God gave us another sunny Sunday and the chance to sell and buy stuff. I baked some hot buns and grabbed the accessories I'd made, and we headed to Mauerpark again. Me and Saana were chillin' and listening to great beatboxers while Rene and Alissa found some bargains in the fleamarket.

Alissa and Saana with mojitos-to-go.

This mojito had the mint leaves replaced with more rum, limes replaced with lemons and included a free refill.

The business was still blooming as usual. :)

Bargains from the fleamarket.

"Are these shoes ugly or just cool?", she asked. "Both", I said.

Too bad the Zorro-moustache is gone, 'cos the look is still there.

Next time he'll het a denim stetson.

And I forgot to take a picture of myself, as usual. What do you think? I'm especially interested in a certain cardigan-wearing cigar-smoking gentleman's opinion on Rene's clothes.

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