Thursday, September 03, 2009

Killer bags

This is where I'll be next week. In pushGalerie, in the opening of an exhibition for what I've heard are unbelievably beautiful bags and accessories with guns and handcuffs molded into leather. I'm pretty sure I'll love them. Let's start being nice and hoping that Santa notices it in time for Christmas. :)

If you're around, welcome! I'll be there too, serving killer-buns. (Yei, I got in the team, 'cos I know the owner!) I'll start planning what I'll bake. What do you suggest? It needs to be something Finnish, go with the theme, and also suitable with champagne... tricky. Something with strawberries maybe?

Locals check out: pushGalerie, Kollwitzstrasse 97
Globals check out: pushShop


TiiaL said...

Aah, sä saat olla laukkujen ympäröimänä.. Mä rakastan laukkuja! Hey, koska kyseessä on killer bags, ni tee jotain chili-voittoisia pullia tai jotain semmosia, jotka ei ole sitä miltä näyttää :) Buns with a twist ;)

Ediot said...

ah. det kan jag absolut göra. önskar mig tillbaks snart.. staden är ju hur bra som helst,, älskar kreuzberg.. ha en superbra dag!kram

Lilzi-the-evil said...

Ooh how lovely they look, must come and check them out :)

avara maiju said...

TiiaL: Yauza! millos tuut laukkuostoksille Saksaan? :)

Ediot: gjör det! Tack, du också :)

Lilzi: Please do! The place is worth checking out, and free champagne is served, I hear ;)