Monday, August 31, 2009

Just another Sunday: clubs, cakes, babies and puppies

On Sunday morning at 7:00 Rene called me to wake me up and go for breakfast in the S-Bahn-station. He was coming from a club they'd gone to straight from work. After a Big King XXL and a sausage croissant we went to a club in Jannowitzbrücke. I don't know the name, but it's a place I often walk past and can still hear the bass pumping on Sunday afternoon at 17 o'clock. It was pretty cool, mostly filled with sleeping people.

Inside it was still mignight.

Outside it wasn't.

This guy was escorted out, 'cos he looked like he needed some sleep...

So did Rene...

And this guy...

And look where the first guy had ended up.

They were building a little street festival around our corner. We went to have a sneek peek before going home to sleep. It looked pretty darn cute with the fishermen and -women getting their stands ready for business.

Breakfast eaters.

A few hours later we had slept and were ready to make our way to Mauerpark again to sell buns. Rene was courageous to come along after no real night's sleep. My hero. :) The Finn-count made it all the way to 21 this time (Rene keeps counting how many Finnish people he sees), and to my surprise two of them were my readers. :) Yeii! Moi, you guys!

Going there, we walked again past the the Hafenfest, that appeared to have been pretty rockin' since parts of the sign were falling off.

Little drummer boy in Mauerpark.

Karaoke-guy was not there, which was a major disappointment to all his fans, but sales were actually better than ever. I guess people consoled themselves with food.

In the evening Ina took me to the design market called Summer Pop Shopping in Arena Berlin. There were loads of intresting stuff, among others these KaWeDe-accessories made of tire rubber. You can find them in pushShop.

This was a tired and happy day. Sleep was pretty good afterwards.


Ediot said...

jag älskar älskar älskar berlin. bor du där? eller var du bara där på besök/semester?
när ska ni isåfall åka till rhodos? det börjar nog snart bli kallt där alltså..inte sverige/finland lite..

svar på ps:vad kul, tack. mig o min pöjk som gjort den..

Kerry Murphy said...

Hei ne kukkoset oli mahtavat.. Kiitos! Jos haluut suomalaista vehnajauhoa niin voit varmaa :sta ostaa. Ne kuljettaa kaikkialle..

All the best,


Kati said...

Hei! Thanks for your kind comment :)

Your pictures are so good, you've inspired me to take my camera out more often! I've never been to Berlin but it looks interesting. On a different note, nearly every tourist I met in Finland was German! :D

Have a nice day!
Kati x

avara maiju said...

Ediot: jag bor faktiskt här, och älskar det också :) om du kommer hit, hör av dig! om rhodos: vi ska först spara pengar och se sen vart och när vi kan resa... kanske i våren först. nu är jag tills vidare nöjd med berlin :)

Kerry Murphy: voi miten siistii että tykkäsit! Ja tulit tänne sen kertomaan. Kiitos :) Ilahdutti. Okei, hei testaanpa tota suomikauppaa. mahtava idea.

Kati: OMG thanks that's so sweet! Cool that you found me aswell. I'm not sure how I came across your blog anymore, but I thought you'd also be a patriot abroad :) Berlin kicks ass, I recommend it.

rene said...

what a night, we should go out more often after my workin hours. hopefully next time we go to mauer park i'll be a bit more awake. i think i missed a couple of finns last time but still 21 it's a lot. i wonder how lonely must finland be.

i agree with Kati on the pics and with you on the part that berlin kicks ass

Meri said...

The pancakes are burning on the stove 'cause I'm reading Avara Maiju. Who said that women can do several things at the same time?

avara maiju said...

Rene: heart

Meri: you multi-talent :)