Monday, August 03, 2009

Bhangra by the campfire

I spent a few days in our summerhouse in Pulkkilanharju away from blogging. It wasn't all silence in the woods though, since I was surrounded with my international lot of sisters, brothers, parents and step-parents and lots of preparations for an indian-style wedding on a steam boat! Was pretty wild, as you might imagine.

The trip started out with a detour to a small village festival in the middle of the woods, where my sister-in-law had a gig with Shava, an awesome Finnish bhangra band. She's from Kalkutta and sings with an angel's voice in numerous bands in Finnish and Benghali. Only this would've been enough to make this a night to remember, but the cute tiny place and its hospitable host made it even better! She carried us bratwurst and pancakes (which my brother ate combined) to the backstage, and my dad smiled with pride saying "This is my first time ever on a backstage".

Folk in Mallusjoki

This was a place I never thought I'd end up in, and totally worth it! The party lasts a whole week, and they have music in different themes each day. This day was folk music day, and we saw a guy do some kind of singing/moaning, and then these two chicks (Puhti) with a stand-up comedy/traditional cultural music show about Finnish darkness depression. I recommend.

Bringing the star to the venue.

For performers only. As if :)

This is how we spell pizza in Finland.


Shava had the cottage rocking.

Peali singing "Suomenmaa" and Kiureli in his Suomi-sweatjacket.


So, here's our summerhouse, in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Here are also some sneak peeks from my dad's steam boat where we're going next weekend with some curious Vääksy-fans dressed accordingly of course... but more of that coming later.

Meri the artist making a sablon for re-painting the name on the steam boat.

Jeppa Jepanjeppa. Our 15-year old cat! Looove!

Jeppa the oldie turns all demon-eyes when I brush him.

He fell asleep on my foot...awww...

Cruising on s/s Vänni in lake Päijänne.

The bride in a traditional Indian dress and me in a traditional Scandinavian dress from Only.

Cutie pie Olivia in 5 meters of Indian fabric.

At night we lit the beach in flames.

And sang a song for that.


rene said...

lil olivia look so cute in that pic. such a shame i missed the big party. i think it's a really cool thing that u mix all this cultural stuff in ur blog. love ur blog!

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avara maiju said...

I love you too.