Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Shopping and chilling in Töölö

An inspirational tour in my old hood Töölö... It's good to start with chilling, then go shopping a bit, and maybe chill in between. Töölö, dispite its quirky name, is a beautiful and graceful part of the city with cosy little cafés and old ladies in bakeries. Nowadays alot of young people live in the northern part aswell, and more and more small designer shops are opened in the area.

But what makes me wonder, is how many small old shops with the kind of grandma-clothes you really don't see anybody wearing in Töölö are still standing. You also never see people going in to or out of them. It's a mystery, but they just exist. Check out the photos in the end...

Café Regatta is a tiny cute bohemian coffee shop by the sea with genuine fresh cinnamon rolls. Also if you forget to bring money, it's OK. Once I went there with my ex-boyfriend. We didn't have cash, and they don't accept cards, so they just said we can pay later. They said they'd bring the cinnamon rolls to the table, since they were still in the oven. 10 minutes later I went to ask for them, and the girl realized they were already sold out. "Oops, do you want your money back?" Haha, she'd already forgotten we hadn't even paid. Dispite the fuss, I love them. :)

The headless Iida and Jenna having fresh buns by the sea.

Indian Taj serves the best pizzas in Helsinki (it makes sense, Indians are famous for that, right?). The offer of the day for the last 4 years has been a Pizza with 3 fillings of your choice. The price has gone up with the hard times to 7,90 but it's so big you can easily share it with a friend.

Sweeties having munchkies!

Shopping in Töölöntori

Bling Life
in Töölöntori (Töölö square) is a shop with accessories from recycled materials from e.g. Brazil. I especially loved the purses made of tin cans. Also the small Parfumerie Biget next door is so nostalgic! We went there with Minna, my old classmate from fashion class, who loves vintage stuff and old karaoke bars.

Parfumerie Biget.

Minsku having a coffee in the Töölö square.

Vintage books and more on Runeberginkatu just next to the square.

Must haves: A tiny armour for a kid (?!) and a sign that says 'Hippies use backdoor'.

The little shops of horror
Here are some examples of what I was talking about earlier, the curious small boutiques, that you never see anyone step into, yet they keep on existing. They're not only in Töölö though, some of the pics are from Vallila and Punavuori.

"Hannelii" on Mannerheimintie.

Nice undies.

"Salonie" on Topeliuksenkatu.

"Sabrina" is a bit fancier for the ladies of Fredrikinkatu.

The sale continues! Hurry!

I love the shirt that says "Surprise In to party SO MAYBE good lucky". What!?


Jenna said...

Haluun tollasen paidan!!! xDDD
Noi mummokaupat on joku salajuoni. Ne on vaan kulisseja. Oikeesti siellä myydään hasista.

Tiia said...

Mä ajattelin ihan samaa ku Jenna, siis että ne liikkeet on vaan kulisseja joillekin hämäräpuuhille. Ja tosiaan toi "Suprise in to party so maybe good luck" on mystisyydessään loistava teksti paitaan. Kaikille tommosia yhtä outoja tekstejä vaatteisiin, ni maailma on parempi paikka.

avara maiju said...

joo ens vuonna mummoteema ja hämärät viestit vääksy-festareille ja tiia mukaan crocseissa ja hasispuska pöytään.

ottaakohan noi google adsit jotenkin tosta "hasis"-sanasta kipinää ja tänne alkaa ilmestyy jotain hyvii mainoksii?

Piritta said...

Siistii, oon jo pitkän aikaa toivonu eläkeläisteemabileitä, mut kukaan ei oo innostunu. En malta odottaa ens kesää, jee!

avara maiju said...

next up: senior-theme party! :D