Friday, August 28, 2009

Aging is not so bad

The first time we celebrated my birthday in Berlin was pretty cool. It was different without my friends from back home... but they sent me such amazing congrats, I was just reading them and laughing my ass off. In a few months some of them are coming here and hopefully we can also go visit them again in Finland. So maybe I'll survive til then :)

First we had some beers in our local place by the river. Not a bad local place, is it? Sam came straight from a job interview looking all corporate.

I had asked Sam and Rene to keep the plans as a secret, I dunno, I just wanted to torment myself with the excitement and feeling of surprise. So all week I had been guessing where they're taking me and following their mysterious whispering. Finally, when we made it to Hausvogteiplatz, I got it. I had been talking about wanting to go to Goodtimes, a thai place, for ages. And they had heard me. :)

This is Anna. Our really fabulous friend Lena's little sister who lookes astonishingly alot like her and was also spectacular! So cool to meet her and have her join the b-day celebration :) She also sang Dirty Diana to me, when I most needed it. (My birthday was about to be ruined because I had Lady Gaga playing in my head aaaallll the time. God I hate her songs.) We loved her and her friend Rachel and we want them all to move into Berlin with Lena of course. Pleeeease!


Ina and Jenny had thought of something for me to keep me occupied. :) So they got me some tools to make holes and put studs into stuff! Fun!

We're going to see Muse in October, Oh yeah!

This may not look exactly right. But guess what it is? It made me really happy :)

Thanks for this amazing birthday, all the congrats and just excisting in general, goes to all of my friends from everywhere, being there physically or not. Love you guys!


Meri said...

So, where did you go after the thai place? Did you end up in Cookie's?

peepu said...

muse <3

avara maiju said...

Meri: first we went for coctails in Amrit, then Cookies! It was as great as ever, although they had a feisty camera-policy. Maybe because Rene once took 82 pictures there with his face on all of them. Smiley was there too :)

Peepu: Kiva kun löysit tiesi tänne! :) Löysin sun blogin joidenkin muiden blogien kommenteista. Muse tulee olee loistava!

Ediot said...

hi- id recommend rhodes for a couple- its quiet and still there are places to party. and there are great bus-communications- and cheap so its great to travel around the island. i went to rhodes town-which also has great shopping possibilities,i think. thanks for your sweet comment.

Anne said...

hey :) danke für deinen kommentar!
sachsen und speziell dresden ist auf jeden fall einen besuch wert! :)
dresden ist wirklich eine wünderschöne stadt, wo es viel zu sehen gibt.
bei gelegenheit werde ich sicher immer mal wieder ein paar bilder posten. du kannst ja immer mal wieder auf meinem blog vorbei schauen :)
viele liebe grüße!

avara maiju said...

Ediot: jag kommenterade redan tilbaks i din blogg, men glömde att säga att jag älskar ditt namn. det fick mig att kolla din blogg, när jag såg den i Karla's closet. big up for that!

Anne: danke auch :) vielleich sehen wir uns mal in Dresden, auf jeden fall in der Blogwelt!

burp said...

hey! just got here and saw this post. looks like it was really fun :)

here's a late happy birthday from BURP :*

avara maiju said...

burp: thank you! it was fun indeed! *burp* and i'll never grow up ;)

Lilzi-the-evil said...

Hyvää synttäriä :) Sulla on aina niin paljo ihania kuvia kaikissa posteissa, jaksaispa itsekin.. Mutta meidän uusi blogi on osoitteessa, tervetuloa vierailulle :)


Anonymous said...

I Love you Maaria. I love your blog. When I read it, I feel like I am right there with you, I miss you. This blog is the one of the reasons/reminders as to why i will be with you soon-in Berlin. love big L.

avara maiju said...

Aaaaaw, thank you for the love, big L! Is it maybe because you practically saw a picture of yourself in that party, that makes you fell like you were there..? haha:) I'm so happy you keep reading, and enjoying, and that there's maybe a way I can make you come here a little bit faster. :)