Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random snaps from the last days in Finland

I'm now back home in Berlin, but the feelings from my amazing 1 month holiday in my home country are still kicking in the back of my head. Here are some random moments that I found trapped in my camera.

Retro-places in Lahti

Lahti really isn't one of my favorite cities, but I tend to go there 'cos alot of my childhood friends live around there. The city is really dull, but there are some beautiful places worth seeing in the harbour.

Cute café and shop in the harbour of Lahti

I bought some of those babies.

Tiia posing in her two-legged apron. The sweetheart, a huge Gilmore Girls co-fan and one of my most encouraging and loyal readers is apparently an apron-expert...

...since she gave me this beautiful apron that her mom Sirkka used to wear, just 'cos she had thought it looks just like me! How adorable! heart heart heart

Favorite places in Helsinki

I noticed my summer was full of Finnish clichés: the food, the drinks, the design, the souvenirs... just have a look, and please see how many you can count!

Another cinnamon roll in Hakaniemi square.

The prices are salty too, but you gotta try the pancakes.

The strawberries were still delicious! This is the ultimate blog-picture, all bloggers have had these this summer... I just had to identify myself with them all. :)

In Karaoke bar "Anna K" is the place to go for Finnish Lapland-style interior and authentic Finnish singing experiences. Laura, who was dressed as a señorita, brought us another round of Salmari. Yuck, that's disgusting!

Minskuli and Heiduli finally united by karaoke.

Seriously, I took this picture in down town Helsinki in front of the Kamppi shopping centre like 1 week ago. WTF? It's been the longest, sunniest summer I can remember, I even managed to get a nice tan! Finland just never ceazes to amaze me.

Outi as stylish as ever, wearing mostly Vila and vintage, the purse is from Berlin.

Lasipalatsi Design Market: Katariina Guthwert's medals of general valour. Extremely cute! I especially liked the one of David Bowie on the bottom left. My birthday's coming up you know...

I love lamp!

Youth vs. Future had some adorable jewellery made of feathers... I already used my birthday-trick on this one, and Rene bought me one! :)

In Café Regatta and Sibelius park again... this time with the two little ladies Maija and Olivia.

Anton was out of control!

Flying back home I just had to snap this one, as I woke up in the plain to hear the big guy snoring. You can imagine how loud it was.

Rene and I recently got engaged, btw :))))) Here are some Finnish designer objects we got as engagement presents and souvenirs: Marimekko and Iittala textiles and decorations from my sweetie darling Heli and my auntie Taina, the Feather necklace from Youth vs. Future and the wooden pearls from the Lahti harbour.

A dummy dancing to Scooter in Espa park, Helsinki.


Tiia L. said...

Hah :) Thanks darling! :) Kiva että meidän essubileetkin pääs oikeuksiinsa.

avara maiju said...

de nada mi amor. oispa tullu otettuu enemmän kuvia, mut oli sillon jo vähän toi kuvaus- ja bloggailukrapula iskemässä päälle. mut kiitos ihan mielettömästi kannustuksesta. :) olet ihana ja ihan spessu ja sul on kiva essu.