Sunday, August 23, 2009

stella got me my groove back too

I'm finally inspired to write again, thanks to some of you guys, who encouraged me to stay as unfocused as ever. :) Really, I loved all the comments, and am still rolling in joy for all the sweet messages. Especially I'd like to mention Tiia's genious email where she reminded me to do what Rory Gilmore would do. That usually helps, 'cos she's always happy and pretty. In this case doing what Rory would, probably means making a list of the pros and cons, then ordering 11 sets of Chinese food and watching a weird oldie-movie with mom. My version was having sushi (not that Japanese is in anyway like Chinese, but I hope it'll work), watching Hangover, I Love You Man and Yes Man with the roommates and getting some soothing vibes just from some sunny silly simple days in Berlin. (I really wish I could've had the time with mommy though, but I'll have to wait until she comes here in October.) And let's say that the pros and cons were tricky, I'm still working on them, 'cos I'm so goddamn moody.

My apologies for the silence, but I really didn't do much worth mentioning, cos I was working like a little animal. We still had some small moments of freetime that were pretty damn good. Here's what happened.

In Schlachtensee with Sam, Svet and Rene

In Brauhaus Lemke, Hackescher Markt

I'd had a really long and annoying day at work folding like 64 t-shirts and hoodies and I'd accidentally promised my boss I can work late on Saturday (!). But then we went for a German meal with the roommates and Sam's bro, who's visiting from France. Goddammit that was like the best food again ever. Hashbrowns with creme fraiche and a fried egg with cheese. Yaowza!

Coming home from work one night

I was just walking home through the empty streets like whatever, and suddenly there's this on the street: "Fuckparade", house music, huge noise, weirdos, totally cool. Only in Berlin, man.

Hectic noise in the darkness, had to go and check it out.

Today in Mauerpark again

The buns sold like soap in Finland and hot bread in Mexico, they say. I was happy and so was everybody else. There were especially alot of Finns and fans today. Here are some new faces (and you might recognise my sisters family already) from Mauerpark.

Dude! What a shirt!

Welcome to the Jungle sung by a pretty eager guy


TiiaL. said...

Thanks darling! I'm glad that my Rory-reference helped you :) Rory is always an inspiration. And so are you! Hugs!

Jenna said...

Wihuu...Good to hear that you are feeling better and inspired again...! :) <3

avara maiju said...

I indeed am inspired. Thanks sweeties!