Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Party in my mouth and everybody's invited (+ RAFFLE)

I’m on a really good mood, because I found some Finnish varrasleipä in Lidl. It’s like this dried rye-bread that’s so hard that it makes you have small cuts all over your mouth for the rest of the day. Oh boy, just like back home! There were some Scandinavian products in Lidl this week – big up for that! The Finnish products were a bit lame though (two sorts of dry bread and lingonberry jam) comparing to fancy Swedish and Danish candy and cookies. But that actually describes the life and mentality in Nordic countries. Finns struggled through history picking berries and eating hard bread, when the others just had their fun looking blonder, prettier and happier (see also Tom Bulgaria’s ideas on Swedes in Special Edition: Finland A-Ö in the pic below).


I suddenly noticed my day has been blessed with patriotism again, as I also found some salty liquorice from the Turkish Market (?!) from a German stand that said “Traditional salty liquorice from Holland, Denmark and Sweden.” Confusing. The bastard even had actual Finnish candy there, but he’d just failed to write it down, as if it didn’t matter. Well, I gave him a lesson on it, and in the end he was forgiven and I had to buy some. Now, after eating the hard bread, I’m embalming my bleeding mouth with salty candy. Good.

Party in my mouth!

I’m going to finally present to you the fruit of our accessory-project with the fashion-handyman Outi that I was talking to you about earlier this summer. (See older posts here and here.) Now I’ve finished making my share of the accessories that we got loads of fabrics for. We can’t take credit for the ideas, we were only clever enough to make them instead of buying them. You’ve seen these kinds of jersey accessories allover the shops this summer, and they actually expect us to pay dozens of euros for the simplest rectangular piece of fabric. We said no, and headed for the fabric market. Here's a little sum-up of the creations:

This scarf is my favorite, as you may have noticed, 'cos I wear it like in all the pics. Laundry of the day: Jacket - Killah, pants - Herrlicher, top - self printed on H&M, shoes - Converse, bag - Adidas.

The basic scarves were really easy to make. Laundry of the day: dress - Creme fraiche, leggins - the market, necklace - Youth vs. Nature.

These required a bit more patience and manual sewing (which I hate). But it was well worth it.

You can wear the jersey brades as suspenders too! Laundry of the day: jeans - Cheap Monday, men's shirt H&M.

The belt goes really well with my trucker-lesbian look. Laundry of the day: Pants - Vero Moda, Top - Ginatricot, shoes - Adidas.

RAFFLE - Maiju likey her commenters!
Being on a good mood, I’m gonna throw a little RAFFLE to you sweetie pies. Please comment on your favorites or anything, really, ask a question, tell me your favorite food or call me silly. Any comment made on this post or the coming posts until 8.9.2009 will take part in the raffle. You can also boost your chances to win by linking the raffle/avara maiju in your blog or Facebook, and mentioning this to me in your comment. (Or, sending me loads of Fazer’s chocolates will work aswell). Anyone doing so will get an extra lottery ticket.

The winner gets the following scarf in the colour of his/her choice. Remember to use some recognizable alias, so you don't stay anymous! Good luck :) Stay tuned for the winner on 10.9.2009.

The latino is not included in the prize.

The colours of the prize scarf from left: blue aqua, pink melange, white, pink salmon. Available also in black, if the winner of the raffle so wishes. :)


Jenna said...

Saako lisälottoja takautuvasti? ;)
Oon joskus miettinyt että onkohan sulta mennyt ihan vallan ohi että mun fb:n statuksessa on usein tää sun blogiosoite... :D
Mut jöö, se ei ollut se pointti vaan se et kiitti vaan ku järkkäät jotain jännää just ku oon reissussa. Mä ehkä sit pakotan kaikki espanjalaiset sun blogis äärelle vaikka niiden englanninkielen taidot onkin melko usein hieman...rajalliset. x) Maiju-paita ainakin lähtee meille molemmille messiin. :p

TiiaL said...

Hah, kiva kun kirjotit tosta kuivatusta ruisleivästä: pelkkä mielikuva haavaumista ympäri suuta sai vedet silmiin. Tartteekin lähteä töitten jälkeen ruisleipäostoksille ;)
Ainii, ja toi henkselikuva susta on loistava :) Oot niin äijä :) Paitsi että noi Lahden satamasta ostetut rannekorut ja toi jotenkin enkelimäinen tukka pehmentää kyl sun imagoa :)

avara maiju said...

jenna: You can also get lottery tickets for going all the way to Spain to recruit readers the old-fashioned way! :) voi kiitos kun jaat sanaa statuksessas (oli multa tosiaan menny se ohi) ja ihan mahtavaa, että paidat lähtee epsanjaan mukaan! ois kiva saada kuvii tänne niist :) kai ne on ottanu rokotukset? hyvää matkaa!

TiiaL: joo, haavat on parantuneet nyt, joten vois ottaa taas lisää. nam! kiwa et mun äijämäinen pose onnistu :)

rene said...

hi, the raffle sounds like a good idea, too bad that the hot guy is not included...

btw, i think ur blog is working pretty well cuz berlin is bein invaded by finns. last weekend i saw like 10 of the in the park. isn't that like 1% of finnish population?

Herr Komissar said...

Hey, don't know if I understood it somehow wrong, but the book "Finland A-Ö" is made by a design collective named Bulgaria, not a guy called Tom :)

LittleWittlePrincess said...

Loving your blog! <3

avara maiju said...

Rene: very funny. it is actually :)

Herr Komissar: Umm, OK. I just thought Bulgaria would sound too confusing, 'cos everybody would think of the country. So I checked, and the editor has signed the Prelude by the name Tom Bulgaria. 8) hehe, so I believed him.

LittleWittlePrincess: Thank you! I'm loving your name, which sounds like how a German person - or an actual little princess - would pronounce English. :) So, are you both?

yvet said...

Don't wanna spoil the patriotic party in your mouth, but it does really look like Dutch candy to me! Ill bring you some more when in two weeks! yeeey!

avara maiju said...

Yvet: hahahaha well the looks may deceit you. sure, bring it on! we'll make a tasting competition. yummmmmmy!