Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Waking up is hard to do

After snoozing for like 45 minutes boyfriend and I woke up to spend 1 of our rare free days together. Why would we set our alarm clocks on a free day? because our rythm is totally effed up, due to his late working hours and the fact that I can't get any sleep before he gets home. (Aaawww.)

1. The duties
To start the day off in a FUN way, we went to run some arins! Laundry of the day:

Men's blazer from the fleamarket in Lahti, Finland (mom bought it for me with 25 Finnish Marks when I was 13), scarf self-made, jeans and tee H&M, shoes Kowalski from Stockholm Arlanda airport.

It was time for some grocery-shopping, since the sweet potato was growing stuff out of it while keeping company for the 'sweet ass'-potato.


2. Muffins
I made muffins again, this time with banana and hazelnuts! Finally, here's the recipe for you:

The best banana cup-cakes ever (makes about 8 big ones)

125 g butter
1 tsp grated lemon zest (/some lemon juice)
3 dl sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla sugar
2 eggs

4 dl flour
2 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp salt
4 tbsp milk
2 nicely yellow/slightly brown bananas
some chocolate or hazelnut or another addition of your liking

Beat the soft butter a bit and add the sugar, lemon and vanilla. Keep blending, preferably with an electronic beater. Add the eggs one by one and mix.

Mix the dry ingredients and blend them in to the dough. At each phase the dough keeps getting more delicious, so make sure you taste it often! ;) Crush the bananas with a fork, but not too much, so you have nice tasty lumps in the muffins. Add that and the milk finally to the mix. Bake the muffins in 200 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes. They get EVEN better if you can try to save some for a few days later... not gonna happen! :D

You can also hide a piece of chocolate in the muffin as a surprise!

You can use this recipe also for a cake, my mom has always done so. She pours the dough onto a baking plate, baking time 20-30 mins. Then she cuts the cake in half in the middle and puts some more crushed bananas and whipped cream in between the two "sheets". Delicious! I had such a great childhood...

In the end you still have the best tasting dough to lick off the beaters!


3. Later
We went out to an old typically German and totally nostalgic pub called Dicker Wirt (the Fat Barkeeper) deep in the west. The food is so tasty and old-school, it reminds me of when I was like 6-years old in Vääksy in my friend Emppu's kitchen, and her mom even had the same black octagon-shaped plates! The plates were a true plus-point for the pub! :) Ape approves!

On the way you can see this lovely creature on her balcony basket, who, according to the sign, tends to bite! So our manic kitten back home is not the only scary pussy in Berlin.

Brown eyed boy having his free day from serving beer by drinking it.

Pasta bolognese, kids portion for 2,50 €... and as buenissimo, as if mamma had made it!

Friggin awesome Chili con carne on the plate from childhood. Remember those?



Jenna said...

Wooooow! Vitsi tota sun etutukkaa!
Uuuhlaaa! Pian mä tapaan sun etutukan! Enää viikko! ;)

Meri said...

Dicker Wirt-mestan osoite? Kuulostaa autentiselta!

avara maiju said...

Jensu-puppe: :D Kiitos! Mun otsis myös odottaa sun tapaamista ja matkaa kuin kuuta nousevaa!

Merppa-muru: Danckelmannstrasse 43, U2 Sophie Charlotte-Platzille tai bussi M48 muistaakseni Klausenerplatzille. On kyl ihan aito ja alkuperäinen, sitä jopa kehutaan parissa yöelämä-esitteessä. Vaik ei se ny ihan mikää Clärchenssi oo...