Thursday, July 16, 2009

Road trip Part 2: Tampere, day two

Our second day in Tampere was 'the day after', which, as we know can be quite tough to handle. It can get pretty cool though, when you don't have to spend it alone and you're not in a hurry anywhere (well, maybe some of us to study for an exam, but there's always a second chance!). Slacking off ending up in weird places = good times. And when the weather is perfect, it only gets better.

Anni, Jatta, Lari and me found some breakfast from Anni's dads closet around 4 pm, we had some tea and olive bread with salami and gouda, and started wondering off out side. We ended up just on the other side of the street after a 1 hour walk stopping to take a million pictures and just 'takin breaks' because it was so tough. :) There was a museum, Vapriikki, with like 6 different exhibitions that suddenly seemed like the perfect pastime for a touristy day in Tampere.

Eventually our 2nd day was so great, that we made it into a 3rd one.

Starting fresh...

Laundry of the day: Top with my own print (maybe you noticed those in the previous post), skirt Fornarina from Sweden, jacket Killah, cap Volcom...

First to the gift shop! (We had to have a small coffee break after, cos' there was sooo much to see, so much time and so lazy people.)

The museum had shows of everything: The Sitting Bull...

Old shoes...


Ice hockey...

I even had my own coach! Thanks man!

...and Finnish rockers.

I love this man. You can't go to Tampere without understanding Pate Mustajärvi and Popeda.

My sister loves this man. (We ran into Mike Monroe in a music store once before my sister's wedding, and we got to talking, and she was about to call off her marriage for him.)

This complex museum was full of surprises: even a piece of the familiar Berlin wall was there.

And a certificate to show that it was genuine.

The lazy (but unpredictably cultural and sophisticated) hangover day lead us to the river bank. We were already on our way to the Railway station, but we decided to hang back by the river and stay another day in Tampere.

Koskenranta. Just by the main street and square... pretty!

Our local guide, Lari took us to this cute pond in the othewise not so beautiful Hervanta area, where we stayed.

Some supper to snack with the movie Benjamin Button. Friggin great movie too btw! Thanks to our host for the chill evening! He also tought us the basics of juggling, which we decided to learn properly this summer. So hockey wasn't the only new thing for me this weekend. :)

In the train going home again...

Back home in Helsinki

...was not bad either, because Jenna invited us to her place for 'something small' she had prepared, which was a huge buffet of various delicious finger foods! We were supposed to have a ladies poker night, but we had too much to tell about the trip, so maybe next time... Thanks again to the hostess for the amazing supper!


Jattuli, Jennuli and Iiduli. Moah!

I also got to enjoy some things I'd missed so bad from Finland:

1. Rye bread. Crunchy and so authentic.

2. The strawberries just aren't the same anywhere else. Try them and you'll see. The Germans need to put sugar in theirs, that's such a shame. Tha Spanish berries, don't get me even started with those big hormonal plastic things. I'm apparently a strawberry-racist!

3. And as a bonus: The tap water tastes better here than spring water! Nobody buys water from the stores here, cos' it's fresh and pure straight from the tap. This is what I've been savouring for the last days :) It doesn't always take much to make a girl happy.

Ps. Scroll down for Day One. Kisses!


Meri said...

Muisteleekohan Mikekin yhtä lämpimästi meidän tapaamistamme levykaupassa...

Anonymous said...

After reading this, I feel a desire to travel Finland.

BTW: what is that snack you had with Benjamin Button? Toast, cheese, tomato, olives, herbs? Looks tasty...

avara maiju said...

Meri: I bet he does, Jimi Pääkallolla on kuulemma ainakin aika paska maine edellee piireissä, johtuneeko sitten mun 'kehuista'... tykkäsitkös kuvasta? arvasin! :)

Anonymous: Good! I'm the unofficial Finnish ambassador :) The toasts were exactly that, except that the 'cheese' you mentioned is turkey. :) but we still added some onion and cheese on top and put it in the oven for 10 minutes. MMMMMMH!

hugsy pugsy!

Jenna said...

Vaikee kommentoida kun tää koko ajan antaa vaan erroria. :(
Mutta lyhyestä virsi kaunis: Oli kiva katella teen reissun kuvia vielä uudelleen kommenttien kera! :)

avara maiju said...

Voi harmi jos pukkaa erroria...mullaki tääl ruotsin metsissä mokkula hajottaa pään :/ Lauletaa virsiä sit taas parin päivän pääst!