Thursday, July 09, 2009

Stepping out of the sky

This is how we spent my last evening in Berlin... Sam 'the Magician' made a gorgeous dinner of just things she happened to have in the house. I'll miss you guys!

Quiche Lorraine for starters - mmmmm.

Some thai chicken with fried rice for the main course...

Lasse brought the Beck's. good that it demonized some of us. (I know she doesn't read this, no matter how much I flatter her, so it's OK to publish this stuff!)

...and a friggin delicious apple yoghurt cake for desert. Sam truly is the best thing that happened to our kitchen!

Happy guest Ina.
Packing for one month was a huge project, hope I remembered everything essential:

Airplane food on the other hand... the free sandwhich is pretty good, but the food that you can order for a price on Air Berlin Planes is just so disgusting. I mean who would pay 6-8 euros for this?:

Looks like they spent an hour putting those zucchinis into place, but the portion just ended up looking like children's Easy bake oven -toy food.

I never understood Currywurst, and this doesn't make me want to. Looks like a sausage sauce we had in school when I was a kid, but they poured sand on top.

2 Nuggets for 6 euros?? Covered in mini-carrots in 2 different ways. Wow, that really IS what I loved the most as a kid!

A grayish slimy pudding. Even the photographer used like a grey filter on this one. No Photoshop, no tricks, this is what you get.

Ground at sight!

Just look at those sceneries...

I’ve just landed to my home country. But before really settling down somewhere in Helsinki, I’ll be touring around Finland a bit! My itinerary for the next days will be:

- Järvenpää, where I’m seeing my best friends’ brand new baby girl for the first time! She’s 5 weeks old and I only got to see her now... I nearly pissed my pants in the plane! She's so adorable, just have a look...

- Tampere, where me & my girls are gonna see the comeback of Tehosekoitin, the best band in the history of music, that split up 5 years ago and I’ve cried myself into sleep ever since. So that should be pretty emotional then! :) I’m also excited to go to Tampere cos’ it’s my favorite city in Finland: the people are even cuter and funnier there!

- An Unknown Location that will be discovered during the weekend maybe. Piritta and me are thinking of jumping into a train, cos’ neither of us can drive, and just taking the randomest place on the map and go check it out. Come along if you will!

The newcomers! Hihii!

Lookalikes. <3


ps. Sorry for the weird fonts and layouts (such as this part being italic), I wrote the post on Word, and I can't clear some of the formatting without having to rewrite and position everything again. :( If some Blogger-nerd knows the trick, please help!

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