Tuesday, July 28, 2009

24-hour summer night

I came back from Sweden late last Friday night imagining going straight to bed in my mom's house. I'd spent the day in a boat and train and had my bag full of dirty clothes. But then I called Jatta, who had the house full of guests and it seemed like the best idea ever to go there! :) The party finally ended this monday afternoon, and meanwhile I ended up with different groups of friends on a pub-tour in Kallio and a cruise ship to Tallin for example.

Let's get the party started.

On the way out we gathered to take some pics of us and pretty people, and then we ended up in Lostari (Lost 'n Found, Helsinki):


Us and some random people that Yami recruited for the pic....

More people and more random frolicking!

Yami and the ladies.

I found my Garth-twin in Lostari!

In the other end of these shoes was suddenly Laura,
my good old mate!

I like your shirt. Works everywhere (except Vääksy I guess, because it's far from being a city).

For Saturday Jatta had organised a massive Facebook-Event for this beautiful day that started already last night ;) and followed with a picnic in Kaivopuisto, and a pub-crawl in Kallio.

Getting to the park with Anna

The Girls in Kaivopuisto.

Anna has a cool tat.

Loud-Lari with his megaphone and mega-babe Jatta.

The whole megaphone-thing got a bit out of hand.

Piritta brought our luvvy guesties Sarah and Róisín from Ireland and England.

And suddenly we were like a million hundred people.

The Outi-Jukka-sweetie-combo came along too! You know them already, right? :)

Mölkky again.

Holding the mölkky-stick as firmly as the beer. Today's laundry was barefeet with a sunny dress from Only.

These dirty-shaped veggies follow me around, I swear to god.

From the park we went nightclubbing in Kallio, the ass of Helsinki. The bars are cheaper (shitty) and the people happier (drunk) there. My kind of place!

A dude came in with his Crocs and ripped up Nike-windpants.

The bartenders of 'Stadin tähti' were twins!

Kebeb place at 5 am. "For the poor workers beer money right here please. Ps. We're not really that poor."

The kebab-guy was worried I'll use these pics for my benefit and steal their idea of a kebeb house. I said I think someone has already thought of that in Berlin. (Berlin is the 3rd biggest Turkish city after actual cities in Turkey. Source: my experience.)


Lari said...

Thanks for the grrrrreat weekend!!! I had a lovely time with you crazy people. That group photo with a million strangers is frickin' hilarious :D

avara maiju said...

the feeling is mutual! the mayhem continues next weekend in Vääksy-the party village!