Monday, July 27, 2009

Finnish Summerfashion 2009

Well, as you may have heard, Finland is not best known for fashion. I decided to question it though, cos’ doesn’t fashion after all mean something popular and common that the crowd adapts, even if it’s not approved of by the Parisians? At least it seems that any piece of clothing can have the tag ‘fashionable’ if it just looks a bit flashy. I like to allow myself, as a fashion designer graduate, to make fancy claims about fashion. (That’s the only benefit I ever gained from that education! :D)

This shop in Maarianhamina had a very conscious name. I had to check it out in order to get to the bottom of fashion and style.

So here’s what it is.

Finland IS though, the promised land of the Crocs-shoes, the comfy and colourful rubber-lumps that seriously just look...well, bad. (If you dispite this overruling argument believe to have heard of a person who thinks they do look good, I would like to hear from it.) Us Finns, we like to combine form and function, and I guess that explains something. I mean they are functional, and they sure have a particular form, don’t they? (Nobody said it needs to be aesthetic.)

PS. I own a pair of fake-Crocs that I paid 17 euros for in the parking lot of the K-Market in Vääksy. That’s maybe the stupidest thing I’d ever expect anyone to do. The guy was one hell of a sales wizard, beats even the shop keepers in Dressmann. But I look forward to wearing my red rubberflops again at the summer house, they’re perfect for this thing we call “kusiluikkarit”, they’re usually old worn-out shoes you wear to go for a wee in the outhouse. Well, I have friggin flashy shoes for that use!

This mama even wears Crocs with her sexy red dress.

Luckily there are some individuals in the mass. I like the matching earring-belt-tee-combo. I’ll try to put her into Vice magazines “Do´s”.

Check out also the Speedos in the background.


Anonymous said...

Hii! Lisää suomityyliä! Ja vaikka on kuinka hauska lukea kaikista suomen tyylikkäistä crokcs-faneista, sullahan riittää kaikenlaisia kavereita joilla on erilaisia tosi kivoja tyylejä.Niistä olisi kiva lukea. :)

Jenna said...

Joo, mä voisin vaikka yhtyä tohon edelliseen. ;p Haha.
Numero yksi Crocks-aktiivi Asko syttyy tästä!

avara maiju said...

anonymous: ehdottomasti joo! oon itseasiassa ruinannu kuvia kavereilta jo ihan kyllästymiseen saakka, mut, noh, ne kyllästy. :) mutta sellanen on kyl harkinnassa! kiitos palautteestasi, mystinen hahmo:)

jenbelius: askolle on seuraavaks tulossa sit stetson-kokoelmaa meksikosta (kunhan se ostaa mulle matkat sinne).

Hey guys more feedback! I love it that you like this stuff. Please read the good old Senior fashion-bit too while waiting for more Finnish fashion clips: