Friday, July 03, 2009


The climate is sub-tropical right now... It's so hot and moist that you feel sticky and would like to stay in the shower all day long (there you'd probably even stay dryer than outside). The other day René went to get a haircut in Haareszeiten, and I hung out with him. I also wanted to see my hairdresser, who I tip 100 % because she's so good (and it costs 5 euros, lol!). I was just sitting on their leather couch swetting so much that my hair got glued to my face and Renés got curlier than ever.

Laundry of the day:'ve seen most of these a million times. For the new readers: Shoes from Bianco, jeans from Cheap Monday, tee is a newbie from my work (Atticus).

After that we went to see Ina, who's shop push is just around the corner on Kollwitzstrasse. Well, she was just about to make some coffee, so wasn't that just the perfect timing! We sat in the shade outside having some cookies and coffee and for the time the heat was also nice and comfortable.

Rene with his David-statue-haircut having coffee with Ina. PushGalerie in the background.

Rene found some cool stuff in the shop too, a bracelett and a key chain made of recycled car tires. Very manly man-accessories!

The Jack and Jones-tee is also from where I work.

So, as I mentioned, we also made some bargains at my work. I spent like 1/4 of my first rediculously tiny salary on some cool things. But luckily also my rent in Berlin is embarassingly small, so for the time being I'm doing totally OK, dad. Even if the clerk in the bank gave me a worried look, when he wrote down my monthly income as I was opening an account. Actually even my boss sometimes feels sorry for me. Hahaha! Well I'm happy to be in denial. Just look at these instead:

Tee from Atticus, bag from Adidas and flip-flops from Vans got a good home.

Miss Piggy presents: a baggy and comfy overall from Ato.


yvet said...

That overall is awesome! I want!

avara maiju said...

Thanxxxxxx gal! Come and get it ;)