Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Road trip: Tammerfest, day one

My tour around the South of Finland continues. It's been a bit fussy, with lots of coincidences and all sort of haste that is oh-so-common in my life. I will share the fruit of these trips in several parts, starting with the Tampere-trip. The Tammerfest festival experience was better than expected and nicely it continued a bit longer after some lucky coincidences after I met some friends and made even more friends!


This, as I've mentioned is my favorite city in Finland. It's even better on a summer day with action and music allover the streets. People are really open and smily, and they tend to get quite social too. When we eventually decided to stay one day longer, I was saying "It would be nice to spin around on the streets for some time longer." (which makes sense in Finnish), and a dude walking his dog went by and said: "It's the world that spins around, not us."

Some sumo.

Anni, Jatta and me walking towards down town from Anni's place where we stayed.

The view from the flat was 'not bad'.

Anni stopped to cut a heart shaped piece out of a bachelors ass for 5 euros.

The Gig - Tehosekoitin

The concert we'd been all (mostly me) waiting for so bad, the comeback of Tehosekoitin (Tehis), was sold out and about to begin. It turned out to be even better than expected, they played almost all the best oldies and it lasted almost 2 hours. They even encored twice.

Pauliina, 18, from Riihimäki was there to see Tehis for the first time, cos' she was so young the last time they performed 5 years ago. But she was now a true fan in the front row.

Otto was as young and boyish as ever. Cuuute.

I was dressed up as Garth from Wayne's World! (Cap from Volcom, Glasses from Rayban, Pants from Herrlicher.)

Afterwards the gang got new members ;) and we found a bar (Jack the Rooster) where a cover band was playing more Tehis-songs... and we loved it! We also found out that we're 'stuck-up teen-aged bitches' (turhan tärkeet pissikset*). We took it as a compliment, considering that we're all almost 30. Then we played some board games i a pub, and had an after party in Anni's house.

*) Pissis means a Finnish teenaged girl who pees in the bushes in public, and looks and talks like Paris Hilton. This vid is partly in Finnish, but you'll reacognice the type. In English you might say 'chav' to talk about this type of women.

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