Saturday, July 04, 2009

Beer, art, everything!

I've unfortunately not had much time to go see all the fashion week fuss, cos' I'm working so much before my trip to Finland. And, to be honest, I don't mind, because the thing that's on my mind way before fashion, is my trip and seein' my family and all my homies and my friends new born baby! AAAAAWWWRRRGHyeahh!

Yesterday after work we did go see the Cobrasnake and RVCA exhibition in Wedding, and my first question was: Can I buy beer inside? "Yes, of course, beer, art, everything!", a friendly young man said. So, we prospered a little while longer than I usually would in an art exhibition...

I gotta run to spend my last saturday night in Berlin in a loooong time, so here are the pics! Tomorrow some more galleries and again some tasty hot buns and rolls in Mauerpark..

Wedding is the new Kreuzberg. Whatever that means. Looks a bit like the suburbs of Helsinki. You know, the area where you need to buy the regional ticket, but nobody goes.

The strip of stores and shows on Brunnenstrasse: "Wedding Dress" was a part of the fashion week.

The Lodown Gallery, Brunnenstrasse 56, where the exhibition was.

Jason at work.

Sitting in the fumes was relaxing.

I was just telling Ina how I could never make art with people staring...

...and then it was ready! Well, I guess it's no problem when you're just so good.

Outi, do you reacognize that top middle pic?

Kyle, Jason and Ina.

Major ass yawn. Seeing so much art is quite a performance.

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