Monday, July 13, 2009

On the road

Guys, I found my self suddenly still in Tampere, about to travel forth, and unable to upload any of my pics yet... but I'll be back in Helsinki on Wednesday, when I promise to do my best to write a post about this random trip with all it's great surprises! Til then...Here are some pics from my first night in Helsinki, at Anni's birthday party. Lots of love!

My picnic bag: German Wodka with a W, a beer and cinnamor rolls. I was gonna make the c-rolls myself, but MY GOD the prices in the Finnish food market shocked me and provoked me to just buy some lousy factory versions. :(

Installation with the daim-cake.

Iida 'the brave one' having a sip of the infamous Salmari.

Iida is serving me Daim-cake, while I'm talkin on the phone to Jatta who is waiting for us in Tampere all alone. Today's laundry: jacket from Bershka, dress from Oasis, same old same old...

We didn't spend the whole night at some courtyard though... continued in a basement. Me with the birthday-girl Anni.

Juhani the man.

Asko the man! My hair's on fire!

Thanks to Anni for a great party! Soon more about a weird weekend in Tammerferst...


Jenna said...

Harmi tosiaan että noi sun hiukset palo.

Terkuin, photos by JenQ


Anonymous said...

I love the headbands! I want matching for me and my boyfriend; he loves matching stuff ( **joke**)Just thought it would be funny to add some fake details about him before you meet him! Do you send to Canada? hahah Love L.

avara maiju said...

Jenna: hahahaaaa

L: I'm not sure why I found your comment in this post, but I guess you're referring to the headbands that came much later. :) Yes, I can deliver to Canada, indeed, but if you come here, I'll cut you a way better deal, and no shipping charges ;) Can't wait to meet your mysteroious man!